The mission of Eagles for Veterans is very simple…we handcraft from eastern white pine large Eagles in the patriotic style of the famous 19th century Maine wood carver, John Haley Bellamy, and donate them free of any cost to Veteran Organizations around the country.

We offer these Bellamy-style Eagles in two styles, a horizontal Eagle that is 24" high X 72" long, and a vertical Eagle that is 35"wide X 47" tall.

We favor donating our Eagles to two different types of organizations, membership-focused groups such as the American Legion, VFW, and AMVETS…plus Veteran Support Nonprofits such as The Travis Mills Foundation.

Eagles for Veterans is a Maine nonprofit that today has one woodcarver, our Founder, who can produce 7 of these Eagles per year.  We would very much like to do more as there are at least 3,000 Veterans Posts around the country that would love to have one of our Eagles on their meeting house wall.

These Eagles are a reminder of what is best about our country, and a salute to the sacrifice made by the members of our military and their families in serving the security needs of our country.

On our logo we make the statement that we should “Honor their Service”, and by this, we mean not only to honor the veterans but also their families.

Through your donations, we will be able to bring on two more skilled craftsmen, one to do the prep work on the raw wood blank, and the other to paint the flags and shield. The Founder will continue to handle the carving and gold gilding. 

While we will need to pay for the support of the new craftspeople, James will continue to provide his craftwork free of charge to the company.

Three skilled craftspeople will then be able to produce 24 of these Eagles per year, all to be donated to our Veterans at no cost to them.