I’m Danee’ Dixon, 42 year old female from beautiful Southern California. I’m the funny friend, the friend everyone wants to be around, the one that ate her filter as a breakfast burrito, so you never know what’s about to come out of my mouth. I’m also the queen of charity. The one who organized dream Christmases for terminally ill kids, volunteered to furnish or remodel homes for people that came into hard times. In all honesty though, I was most proud to be known as a respiratory therapist, or in the words of our main stream media throughout this pandemic, your healthcare Hero. 

I worked throughout the pandemic, sometimes 6 and 7 days a week. I did it with improper or expired protective equipment, I ran in to rooms to do CPR sometimes without having enough time to put on my own gown or mask on, I held your family members hands while they died alone. I was proud of to be in the healthcare field. That was the old me. The story I live now was meant for someone else. This was not meant to be my future. I was robbed without ever the having a chance to protect myself. I was spoon fed a cup bullshit by my government, the media, the healthcare field, as they robbed me of every thing I loved about myself. 

Jan 10th 2021, as I stepped out of work after a long night shift I stopped by side of the hospital where we were giving out vaccines to all “essential” workers. It was time for my second dose of Pfizer. I did not want the vaccine to begin with. I really didn’t trust the science. I didn’t feel like it had been studied long enough, I didn’t feel like I was at risk of dying of Covid. But I thought I was doing what was best for my patients, my family, and I thought I was leading by example. I was a fool. 12 hours later I woke up with a fever horrible headache and Covid like symptoms. After taking seven days off work the fever and cough went away. But the headaches only intensified. Then came along brain fog, swollen lymph nodes, dizziness, tremors, facial twitches, numbness and burning in my extremities, a stutter, difficulty walking, difficulty holding things in my hands, irregular heartbeat, thermal regulation problems, microclots, loss of my menstrual cycle and lethargy. Oh but the headaches…. Did i say headaches? As i write this i am on day 535 of these glorious headaches.  

I had Multiple ER and doctor visits over the first 9 months. No one wanted to tell me what was wrong other than I have anxiety, migraines, “some bug”. It was all just a coincidence that all of this had been happening since I got the safe and effective vaccine. No one would even investigate. It was maddening. Finally, my doctor had enough of me calling every week with some new symptoms. So he decided to run extensive bloodwork. Sent me to a neurologist who was aggressive with testing. I had to research and find integrative medicine docs that would also step up to the plate and try and help me. I mean i am treated like a Guinea pig but at least they are willing to try. Blood work, all of it, 2 and 3 and 4 times. MRI with and without contrast of head neck and spine. CTs,EMG,NCS, TCD, Ultrasound of carotid artery,MRA, MRV, Lumbar Puncture, EEG,VEAR test, BAER TEST, EKG, Thyroid ultrasound. You know just to name a few. I was testing or at an appt every week for months. 

Finally the diagnosis’ started rolling in. One right after the next. Inflammation of the brain, Diffuse brain dysfunction, Chronic Epstein bar virus, Hashimoto’s

Lyme disease, Demyelinating polyneuropathy, POTS, MCAS. I had fallen and broken my foot from tremors, passed out and cracked my skull from POTS. All of this for what?? To stop the spread? To make you feel safe? To stop me or someone i know from dying of covid? All things that this poisonous shit can’t do? It doesn’t do a single thing that it was promised. It’s not gonna stop me from getting it, it’s not gonna stop me from dying from it, it’s not gonna stop anything. The only thing this poison does is ruin the lives of the people who got it. And who’s there to help us? Absolutely no one. A handful of doctors here and there that are willing to put their neck and their license on the line to speak up and try things that the cdc fda government or any other money hungry corrupt organization doesn’t want done. We are the collateral damage. Science is not science of it can’t be questioned. My Facebook page gets shut down constantly for things like showing my own blood work because my life is turned into one big giant story of misinformation. 

This was not supposed to be my story. My life was destined for much better things than this. This story was written by some crazy screenplay writer for a horror movie. A sci-fi thriller made for the big silver screen. But here I am, living it out line by line and act by act. The difference is there’s no one at the end of the day to yell cut and let me go back the life I loved