Howard Richardson has been incarcerated in Federal Prison since November 30, 2021, as a result of participating in the January 6th protest at the Capitol. He was detained in Virginia until his hearing in August 2022. He was transported to Washington, DC, for the hearing although his attorney asked that the hearing be held in Virginia. As a result of this hearing, Howard was given a sentence of 4 years, 6 months in a Federal Prison. He was then transported to Pennsylvania to complete his prison sentence. 

Howard is a Vietnam Veteran who supports the military and has gone to rallies to Support the Blue.  He would not purposely attempt to harm any officer of the law. He is a Christian who has owned a business since 1977.  He was hoping to retire in the coming year, but his circumstances have turned his life around since his incarceration. He has taken a huge financial loss and has little to no income in order to pay his attorney for his representation. This has put a huge financial burden on those helping to pay his monthly expenses and attempting to raise the funds for his legal defense.

While incarcerated in Virginia, Howard began a bible study and has brought several inmates to the Lord.  He is very appreciative of the people who have gotten his name and written to give him hope and inspiration to get through each day. Please continue to pray for Howard and all other Jan 6ers during this difficult time.

Howard’s business has suffered greatly because he’s prevented from working since his arrest and he has to hire two people to replace his labor. He has emptied all his reserves and risks losing his home soon. Please help toward Howard’s legal bills and expenses to keep his family afloat until he is exonerated of the false charges and returns home to earn a living again.