I was arrested in July 2020, for defying an unlawful beach closure in Carmel, California. The video posted below shows my calm, cordial interaction with 2 Carmel-by-the-Sea police officers, Greg Johnson and Joseph Boucher, just prior to having my purse and pockets searched, and being arrested and dragged handcuffed to a dungeon 30 miles away. Officers Johnson and Boucher also stole my mace, (which is not a tear gas weapon) leaving me with no means to protect myself when I was released from the jail at 3:00 the following morning:


Two months later, Chief Paul Tomasi and Chip Rerig, Carmel by the Sea City Administrator again threatened the people with fines for being on our beach when they said, “We have good news on the horizon ...we’ve relaxed a lotta of our rules, you’ll be able to have chairs, coolers, some towels, blankets, bring your kids to the beach, as long as you practice social distancing, you won’t be able to have tents, umbrellas, shade structures like that, but the beach will be alot less restrictive, and open to the public to enjoy, which has been our goal all along, to allow people to get out and enjoy the sunshine.” "...if we do have violators of our beach closures this weekend, it’s not our objective to cite, but we do have citation authority from the council, and we will be citing people.” “Not our objective, not what we wanna do, but we will if we have to. We hope people stay away from the beach.”

These servants have purchased their homes with our labor. Carmel Beach with its beautiful white sand is public, not private. This is the mentality of bonafide tyrants in believing they have the power to "allow us to get sunshine", and only the Creator knows how further they would have encroached onto the liberties of We, the People if I didn’t risk arrest and push back. One of the photos above will show the threats the police officer's association levied at us should we disobey their commands: They warned we weren't allowed to swim in the ocean or we would be fined and taken to jail. 

Since then, I have been exposing corruption and standing up for the rights of We, the People to enjoy nature at the times of our choosing - without the looming threat of violence and fines. The beaches, the waterfalls, the forest and the clouds are all gifts from God to everyone of His children. Bullies must be taught there are consequences for committing a theft of biblical proportions.

I need your donations to help me reach my goal of taking court action. Our public servants must never again even think of believing they have the authority to lay claim to the beauty and grandeur of God. Please support me as I take the necessary steps to fight for justice.

The last photo above already shows the lawsuit in Justia: "Buccola vs Boucher et all." Take that tyrants.