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Goal: USD $250,000
Raised: USD $ 12,677

We are fighting not only the left but also the Uni Party that has developed. This has been a continous battle for us to fight and protect our votes. WE NEED YOU to join us in our fight and take back our Country. WE ARE THE ONLY SURVIVING LAWSUIT IN PA!!
Myself , Gregory Stenstrom and many other Patriots, have volunteered our time, risked our lives at a great cost to our reputation, our families and to our well being. We have been honored to play this role and truly feel God has his hand in this, and has led us into a battle. A spiritual battle, in which we can not cower. For months our Watchdog group investigated our County Board of Elections, their consultants and other support staff. What we found was suspect enough to dig further. Greg and I were both observers/pollwatchers in Delaware County , Pennsylvania on November 3rd  and for days following the election. Not only were we not allowed to enter a back room at the Central Counting center, where by law we were allowed to be, but also we were met with hostility, angst and unfair treatment. It took, 3 days, an injunction and persistence to get us back into that room. After this fiasco , we continued working with the  Trump Campaign, Project Amistad and many other big names who transcribed the events and our declarations. We were asked by Senator Mastriano to be witnesses in Gettysburg and to sit on a panel in front of the Senate Committee . Rudy Giuliani, and Jenna Ellis took on this fight , except the issue was that we were never sworn in. Our statements, declarations and evidence were not submitted into a Court of law. Even still, we remained persistent and made connections . We have been on multiple news media stations including Steve Bannon's War room, NewsMax, Lou Dobbs, Hannity and local radio shows such as Don Beishl in Philadelphia.  Pleading to many lawyers to take our case, they told us they were afraid of being disbarred and harrassed.  Greg and I  have been harrassed by the Attorney General Josh Shapiro's agents, and I was visited by the FBI secondary to false reports. Exhausting all avenues including speaking to US Attorney William McSwain, writing and informing the District Attorney's office and Attorney General Shapiro. NOBODY WOULD HELP!  We finally were put into the path of our wonderful attorney Deborah Frankle Silver, a God loving , passionate , warrior who has become a trusted friend. Through fundraising we were able to retain her and get her legal fees paid. We filed our petition in the Delaware County Court of Common pleas. During this time we were graciously provided with 2 Ex FBI agents now private investigators to assist us in discovery . They interviewed judges of elections, minority inspectors, and plenty of witnesses.  They were met with vile and aggressive behavior when attempting to interview any Board of Elections workers. This case comprises of a fraud examiner, data forensic scientist, fraud specialists, a whistleblower, witnesses and many Americans who have assisted us with this case, we have a mountain of evidence, but have been denied to be heard. Our case was not only thrown out, but an evidentiary hearing was denied, AND NO DAY IN COURT. The Judge ( Republican mind you) excoriated us in his opinion , saying our lawyer had unclean hands, her actions were contemptbile and we did not have a scintila of evidence. He opened the flood gates as well for the defendant to seek sanctions. The Delaware County Board of Elections solicitor filed asking from us for $19,224.56 for their legal fees. This is what they call a SLAPP (strategic lawsuit against public paritcipation) suit, this is nothing more than an infringement of our 1st Amendemnt right to file a petition and intimidation. Our fearless and wonderful lawyer is still in the fight. We have all been praying for direction and for us to have our day in Court. We are regular working class people with families of our own, who did their civic duty and want people to be held accountable for breaking the law. This case was appealed in the Commonwealth Court , sanctions dropped, we were recognized as intervenors, and they agreed with lower court , so we appealed to the PA SUPREME COURT , they would not take the appeal. And now we are headed to SCOTUS.

Our second case , which is a spoliation case that involves witnesses, and whistleblowers, audio and video evidence included and front loaded to the docket to Delaware County Court of Common Pleas. 

WE are being sued by a public official for defamation in Philadelphia County PA, we are being targeted by everyone including the news media, the Biden Administration, DOJ, Clinton Foundation and many more.....

  God has intervened many times, has led us through some very difficult times. Our businesses have suffered tremendously , we have spent countless days and hours away from our family and loved ones. But this is our fight and we must carry on anyway. . People from all over the State and Country have reached out to say they want to get involved or help. So now we are asking you to please get involved and help us in this fight of a lifetime. We want to leave this Earth knowing that we did not give in to the evil, that we did not give in to the cancel culture and that we will carry on together . . God bless you and thank you for hearing our story.


CV-2022-000032 Moton, Hoopes, Stenstrom vs Boockvar, Kathy et al (Jan 2022)

Case ID: 211002495 Savage vs Trump, Giuliani, Ellis, Stenstrom, Hoopes, Kline, et al. (Oct 2021)

CV-2020-007523 Pruett, Hoopes, Stenstrom vs Delaware County Board of Elections (Dec 2020)

Stenstrom and Hoopes Notice to Law Enforcement (McSwain, Shapiro, Stollsteimer) and McSwain Response to President Trump


Jon Marietta , Gregory Stenstrom V Fayette County Pennsylvania and Fayette County Board of Elections
January 12, 2024
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The paragraphs below have been among my favorite, actual legal filings so far. These are from our latest filing in Fayette County (today). 

"It is already a matter of public record that the Defendants cannot possibly reconcile the May 2023 or November 2023 elections, having stuffed all ~8,000+ Mail in Ballot envelopes into a single bag in both elections, separating them from the ballots that were enclosed therein, have no chain of custody for them, and that the daily shenanigans of the November 2023 election absolutely merit review with the (almost laughable) “you won,” “no, you lost,” “nope, you tied, so we’re going to roll dice or flip a coin,” “nope, we ‘found’ more ballots and aren’t sure yet,” “hold on, wait a minute, we have unsigned and undated mail in ballot envelopes and are still counting,” to the ultimate “well, we have absolutely no idea who won, or lost, but we’re going to certify the election anyways.”

"If those were the same material facts, and responses to Plaintiffs' Petitions, that Pro Se Plaintiff Stenstrom had to argue, he would want to crawl into a hole and make the Petitions go away, as well."

Across the country, government officials and the esquire class that facilitate corruption, have crossed the Rubicon of absurdity, and transcended into pathetic, stand-up comedy acts, fully deserving of the sardonic (pro se) response contained in the four pages attached below.

Stomping their feet like Rumpelstiltskin, and holding their collective breath(s) and turning blue until we "go away" seems likely to be the next step on the evolutionary path of election law "litigation."

The tide has turned, and with it, the false narrative of "the safest and most secure elections in history." Shine a light in any direction, pull away their Scooby Doo masks, and what's left are petulant, covetous children. This isn't "1984," it's "Lord of the Flies," and time for more grown ups to stand up and speak up.

Semper Fi 

Savage V Trump , Leah Hoopes, Gregory Stenstrom , Rudy Giuliani
January 12, 2024
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January 10th 2024  was beyond exhausting 7 hours in court in Philadelphia ironically the same place of the birth of our nation. . It was more of a verbal boxing match and battle of will. Never the less we went every single round still standing. Yesterday was a discovery hearing , and we were able to uncover a whole of a lot. Including the fact that there are still no medical records. That Mr Savage does not possess his own medical records, that since filing in 2021 he is not in possession of single cardiology record proving his claims, no medical records or names of medications indicating he suffers from PTSD, that he admits that yes he did have the V drives in the pictures (previously denied), his attorney when questioned by me for 30 minutes about his false criminal allegations against Greg and I , that he admits it wasn't a written report to the FBI and AG, but that he called the Philadelphia FBI office and spoke to them for 30 minutes but doesn't know who he spoke to, and he emailed an attorney at the AG's office but can't provide the email nor the name of the attorney. Savage is unable to provide a single report of the so called the harassment and threats he allegedly received, admits the only person who can corroborate his story about being harassed at Delaware County government building, is a deceased witness, there was admissions that V drives were unaccounted for and recreated by the IT director and Hart Intercivic (means absent chain of custody), he is not in possession of the District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer supposed investigation ( despite this report being able to provide exculpatory evidence to Savage) of our videos, affidavits, witness testimony , or the election fraud , I have also filed a RTK request for this report and other related information and it has been denied. We provided a. list of 129 witnesses and counting. Some of them included Bill Barr, Christopher Wray, William McSwain, Jack Stollsteimer, Richard Donoghue, James Okeefe, Jamie Raskin, Bob Brady and more.. 

What people do not understand is that these defamation cases open this up to discovery and subpoenas , depositions and the ability to impeach a witness. They will answer our questions and be under oath.  

ONE more major announcement , off the record we were offered a settlement , nothing in writing, but it was put on the table. Which to me is extremely telling.

 I will not comment on this other than the fight continues. 

Thank you to my parents first and foremost , they suffered through that entire hearing , they are truly the best humans I could ask for as parents. Love you more than words.

To the rest of the crew who showed up and supported us, you keep us going, your words, generosity, support, love, compassion, prayers, hard work, loyalty are a blessing. You are the epitome of the word patriot. 

This Republic is kept by the people, only through tenacity, persistence, honor, courage, sacrifice, loyalty, integrity and unifying under one flag, one God, and sovereignty. 

Greg, some days we scream, yell, fight and battle through some of the most difficult times, but there is no other person I would share a foxhole with , we are warriors in christ and will continue to fight another day. 

We are just getting started folks, we are going to tear down the entire evil corrupt system.. it is going to be Biblical..

We won one!!
April 24, 2023
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WON ONE! Pro Se!We were just notified that the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania has GRANTED our Motion for Reconsideration and reversed its order to QUASH our APPEAL of the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas order to Dismiss our Spoliation Case with regard to the 2020 General Election for "Mootness" (CV-2022-000032). The case was originally filed on October 18th, 2021 by Stenstrom and Hoopes Pro Se, and eventually docketed at Moton, Hoopes, and Stenstrom v Delaware County, et al, on January 1st, 2022. Stenstrom and Hoopes again split off Pro Se to appeal when the case was dismissed and "mooted," and Moton pressed forward with a Request for Reconsideration with the Common Pleas Court. Accordingly, now that we are all in the appellate trajectory again, the Commonwealth Court rejoined the Plaintiffs (Stenstrom, Hoopes and Moton) together for the same hearing and oral arguments before the Commonwealth Court, and we will resubmit our previously stricken Appeal for consideration. Leah and I will have the opportunity to each present oral arguments, and our previous attorney will represent Moton. Links to the filings and cases follow:Stenstrom and Hoopes v Delaware County, et al Request for Reconsideration of Quash / Dismissal of Appeal and Hoopes v Delaware County, et al, original Appeal (Stricken by Commonwealth Court- must be edited and resubmitted), Hoopes and Stenstrom v Delaware County, et al, CV-2022-000032 (Case with Exhibits which was "mooted" by Judge Whelan of the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas)

Update #4 Emerald Robinson show
April 24, 2023
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More "Absolute Truth" with Emerald Robinson. Update segment from yesterday regarding Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania granting our request for reconsideration to reinstate our appeal and hear our spoliation case (government officials fabricating and destroying election results for 2020 (yes, 2020), and an update on the defamation case in which we are codefendants with President Trump, Mayor Giuliani, Phil Kline and Jenna Ellis. We will be resubmitting our appeal to the Commonwealth Court, which was previously stricken and quashed, refiling motion to strike forged documents and docket transmittal by Judge Whelan of Delaware County Court of Common Pleas, filing Writs of Mandamus to compel Delaware County Court of Common Pleas to assign a judge to our 2022 case citing repeated election law violations, and filing forthcoming federal lawsuits demanding evidence of massive election fraud be admitted and heard before a trier of fact, and demanding redress of grievances, election law violations, criminal law violations and conspiracy. It is only a matter of patience, persistence, and time before we will hold government officials, judges, justice officials, law enforcement officials, and legislators accountable for their actions, inaction, and corruption for 2020, 2022, and make them comply with law and hold honest elections in 2023 and 2024. Still in the fight. Semper Fi.👍❤️😆😮😢😩12

Update #3
April 24, 2023
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We have multiple election fraud cases in motion, including the last remaining 2020 case we know of in the country, and now two defamation (intimidation) suits in motion against us in response. We're still in the fight and will get a court to eventually hear one. We've been able to get most of the records and dockets uploaded to Patriot.Online at the links below, and are continuing to update them as best possible.Semper Fi.CD 876 and 877 Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania Appeal CV-2022-000032 US Supreme Court Stenstrom & Hoopes v Delaware County Board of Elections - Missino, Stenstrom & Hoopes v Delaware County PA 31OCT2022 Moton, Hoopes, Stenstrom vs Boockvar, Kathy et al (Jan 2022) ID: 211002495 Savage vs Trump, Giuliani, Ellis, Stenstrom, Hoopes, Kline, et al. (Oct 2021) Pruett, Hoopes, Stenstrom vs Delaware County Board of Elections (Dec 2020) and Hoopes Notice to Law Enforcement (McSwain, Shapiro, Stollsteimer) and McSwain Response to President Trump

Motion for Reconsideration for SCOTUS ( SUPREME COURT OF US)
February 16, 2023
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The justification for the reconsideration is "justiciability" and denial of due process, with the three (3) Exhibits included being filings that the Common Pleas and Commonwealth Court refused to even acknowledge and illegally quashed in violation of rules of civil procedure. In other words, although we properly filed the attached Exhibits, the Courts and Judges quashed them to ensure they would never see the light of day, or the inside of any courtroom in a gross abuse of judicial discretion for what is "justiciable," and what is not.

We need to get this done ASAP!! Please help the cost is $6400 to prepare the booklets and service to the Court. 

2023 and still in the fight
February 16, 2023
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Litigation Updates - Hoopes and Stenstrom

Corrupt Courts and Cowardly Judges

Long day filing motions for reconsideration to the Commonwealth Court which quashed our CV-2022-000032 appeal CD 876 22 for a clerical omission, and the related order by Judge Whelan of the Court of Common Pleas of Delaware County, PA to dismiss, with prejudice, our motion to strike his unlawfully curated opinion with forged timestamps that was entered 5 months after notice of appeal. Easier to just read the motions, as they are self explanatory, at the links below and also in the Election Resources page folders you can get to from our main landing page.

The Commonwealth Court order was "Per Curiam," meaning no judge will sign it or write an opinion, and Judge Whelan of the Common Pleas Court squirmed out of a hearing or answering for his unlawful actions and deception by issuing an order for dismissal saying he couldn't act on a case in the appellate trajectory (despite doing so when it suited him to submit an opinion 5 months after notice of appeal, and the Commonwealth Court not being able to kill the case before then).

Next up is our motion for reconsideration to the US Supreme Court for docket # 22-503 (original case Dec 2020 case CV-2020-007523)

We have had the evidence of massive election fraud since November 2020, presented it to the PA Legislature, and it has been through the Common Pleas Court, Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Supreme Court and US Supreme Court of which none would hear the case, allow a hearing, or render an opinion. Wrote "The Parallel Election: A Blueprint for Deception" and none of the evidence or facts presented in the book have been refuted or challenged where it would count, in a court. They simply won't allow it to be heard, which is the epitome of indifference and corruption.

Up until only recently (December 2022) we were careful to be respectful of the courts, as we had cases in front of them, and had to let things play out even though the courts dragged what should have been heard in a couple of months for over two years. After seeing how they responded, I can't take enough showers to get their slime and corruption off of me. They couldn't show any more contempt and hatred for the citizenry, and specifically Lean and myself, so there is really no need to participate in the hypocrisy of decorum. They are traitors and cowards, all, and assuming we eventually are able to fight our way into one of their court rooms, its pointless to pretend that we will be fighting the judges more so than the defendants, as we have seen in our most recent case for the November 2022 election case and injunction hearings. Their collective strategy is to not allow any evidence or case to be heard that is disruptive to the false narrative of "the safest and most secure elections ever." They are beholden to, and subjects of, our illegitimate government that has been pre-selected and installed.

We haven't given up, never will, and will persevere and prevail. The truth has a way of coming to light the more darkness tries to smother it. Still in the fight.

Semper Fi.

Common Pleas Court of Delaware County - Motion for Reconsideration - Hoopes Stenstrom CV-2022-000033 - 11Feb2023

Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania (Harrisburg) - Motion for Reconsideration - Hoopes Stenstrom CD 876 22 - 11Feb2023


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