Please pray for Aharon and Zhenya. They just lost their second daughter in a little over a year. Their other daughter was only a little over 2 months old. This daughter was only 5 years old. These were their only two children. 

Please also pray about donating and give whatever God leads you to do. It would be greatly appreciated. 

Please pray about giving, even if it is a small amount to show them love, but more importantly, please pray for their family. 

Wednesday, July 6th around 2:45 am Livnat woke up with some pain. She said she had back pain so I got up to check her and then she vomited blood all over and it was coming out of her nose. To make a long story short after an ambulance ride to the ER she departed to be with her Lord. We are completely devastated. Apparently her passing is connected to her sickness a few weeks ago. After seeing three doctors last month everyone said she was fine and could find nothing wrong.

There was an autopsy done.

The autopsy revealed Livnat had a tumor in her esophagus that traveled into her stomach causing a blood clot. It worked it's way to wearing down the tissue of the aorta that ruptured. This is why it was hard for her to eat a few weeks ago when she was sick last month and we took her to 3 doctors who said she was fine. Apparently this is a difficult thing to diagnose, find, and is rare and happens unexpectedly. The doctor believes it was either cancerous or a type of herpes that creates ulcers in children. It will go to pathology. 

She did not experience pain since once she vomited blood she bled out and lost consciousness.

Livnat Sapirah Mendez was always singing and worshipping God. She loved to dance before Jesus/Yeshua. God gave Aaron her name from Exodus 24:10, 

They saw the God of Israel, and under His feet was something like a foundation of sapphire, as clear as the very heavens.

Her name means "Foundation of Sapphire."Her departure is sudden, shocking, and has devastated the family.

We are raising money to help with the funeral expenses and hospital cost.