DO NOT TALK is a Christian Conservative media platform reporting on political and religious events.

This collaboration started due to the dire circumstance in California's political environment and the need to expose new and current policies that "traditional" media won't report.

CharLee Simons, the host who has worked in the media for 30+ years, was fired from the radio station where he was employed for his conservative beliefs. In an industry consumed by people primarily with politically liberal to left ideology, it was a sign to strike off on his own.  

This platform allows Conservative politicians to introduce themselves, their ideas, and their platforms and talk about events affecting everyday Californians and Americans.

The goal of DO NOT TALK now in its second season, having 30 episodes, is to team up with various correspondents (including a Whitehouse Correspondent), media platforms, and politicians to give a different and not influenced perspective giving people the opportunity to make an informed decision. As the platform grows, it will also require additional staff in all aspects of gathering, editing and producing content since the current team has limits now being reached.

Take a listen at and the second platform