To get the full picture let me start about 5 years earlier. My dad worked at U.S Steel for over 20yrs and was making a descent living. Due to U.S Steel’s cost cutting decisions he along with many others were given a few options, the best of those for him financially was to retire early and receive his pension and retirement pay early, not sure how U.S Steel worked it out but they did. This caused him to find a supplemental income. He worked part time for a few years at Lowes for $11/hr and would later work for a small business that makes bags for companies because the pay was a little more with better hours. This choice would prove to be great for him personally. Then came the diagnosis which came out of left field. You need open heart surgery, triple bypass surgery. His insurance covered that, his retirement helps cover most of his bills, but the surgery has left him unable to work for 3 months and since the company he works for is a small business they had no short term disability insurance or any program to help bridge the gap. I personally am trying to bridge the gap but due to increased cost the gap has grown. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Prayer would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Follow your heart, God Bless You all who answer the call.