For the past three years, a group of Catholic families in Sacramento educated our children together in homeschool-hybrid model. Our hybrid suddenly closed, and we were left devastated. BUT, by God’s grace and through the heroic efforts of many parents, we banded together to create our own program, Sancta Maria Classical Academy!  SMCA supports families in providing a high-quality, truly affordable, classical, and authentically Catholic education, PK-12th.

Our tuition rates are as low as $2500 per family, and we hope to make financial aid available to all families in need.


“SMCA Hybrid makes both homeschooling and an excellent Catholic education possible. This is a dream out of reach for so many Catholic families–too expensive or just too difficult or too online or not truly Catholic. SMCA solves a real problem facing many, many parents—especially those blessed with many children. Our mission is to stand in the gap and be there for them. We don’t have to compromise our faith, our finances, or our commitment to an excellent education for our children. This model fills a real need for Catholic families not only in Sacramento, but across the country.”   –Brandon and Krista Williams

“SMCA is about coming together as a community with like-minded Catholic families who are striving to reach our true home - Heaven. Especially here in CA, where we are truly in a spiritual battle and our children. SMCA’s highest priority, as is the case for all faithful Catholics, is to assist each other in growing in holiness. God has truly blessed us with a community of families from across the Sacramento area who desire to be a part of and, with God’s grace, raise an army of saints to joyfully live out, zealously defend, and courageously lay down their lives for our Faith.”   –Ben and Chris Ebbink

“This program gave our family the love, structure, and accountability we needed to succeed not only as homeschoolers, but it also allowed us to keep a “normal life” for our kids during the pandemic. More importantly, it supports us in living a truly Catholic life amid toxic pressures of society. Having tried many different ways to educate our children, we cannot now imagine homeschooling any other way.”   –Tim and Sarah Del Castillo


We must cover the immediate costs of rent for our facility, curriculum, liability insurance, and supplies. We ask for your financial support to help us get on our feet!

Will you consider making a donation to SMCA, and help us do something beautiful for God? Will you help support a Catholic, classical education that instills our children the Good, the True, and the Beautiful?

Please visit our website at sanctamariaclassicalacademy.org to learn more about us, what we do, and how we do it! Thank you for your prayers and be assured of ours.

In Jesus and Mary,

Sancta Maria Classical Academy Board of Directors and Families

*SMCA is a California religious nonprofit corporation and will be applying for status as a 501(c)(3) in the near future.