Owners of The Udderly Crazy Farm, Matthew and Michelle Davis, have worked for going on 7 years to provide raw milk and pasture raised eggs to customers looking for fresh, healthy, locally grown food. They work hard day in and day out to care for the animals that produce high quality dairy and eggs and deliver those products to the greater St. Louis area. The past two years the cost of feed has doubled and even tripled in price. They have absorbed the extra costs, continuing to price their products almost half as much as other raw milk sources, hoping inflation would abate. But with continuing inflation now coupled with high fuel costs, the small farm is facing a dire financial position that increasing prices alone will not solve. This fundraiser is being organized to help The Udderly Crazy Farm pay for:

  • The increased cost of high quality feed for the animals to continue to produce the best dairy and eggs
  • Construction of a temperature & humidity controlled building for the Fodder system which allows various seeds to be sprouted weekly for highly nutritious feed for the animals, reducing the amount of grain/hay needing to be purchased 
  • Fuel bills for tractors and machinery
  • Electric bill
  • Farm Mortgage

The Udderly Crazy Farm receives all money donated directly, and Matthew and Michelle are grateful for your support. No amount is too small. Please consider helping a local farmer stay afloat.