The Cottageville, SC Community needs your help!

Please read the statement below by the owner of The Red Brick.  It looks like his business is no longer economically feasible and not by his own doing. The over bearing reach of South Carolina DHEC has driven his cost of operation up to a unsustainable level.  If we can help out with some of the cost that DHEC requires that he spend he will be able to stay open.  This isn’t charity.  This is an investment in our community that has no other restaurant. This is a small town and a small community and we all depend on each other to survive.

Thank you Dave and The Red Brick for providing us with a venue this long.

How DHEC destroyed a little mom and pop business.

The Red Brick Pizza opened in Cottageville, SC in November of 2020.  The Restaurant was a take out only because of the pandemic going on at the time.  The Following Summer the owners added outside seating, with DHEC’s approval.  Approximately 6 months go by and several DHEC inspections in which the restaurant passed with near perfect scores.  Suddenly DHEC sends a shut down order to the owner because they claim his septic tank is not big enough.

The restaurant had been operating for one year with NO septic tank issues.  Suddenly, DHEC’s Mr. Timothy Kinney wants the restaurant closed.  DHEC now claimed that our small restaurant would use 3200 gallons of water per day and that our system could only handle 450 gallons per day. After weeks of argument and appeal they agreed to compare the Red Brick to another restaurant “in town” where there would be a water meter.  The IHOP in Walterboro became the test subject showing between 1200 and 1300 gallons per day and having more seating than the red brick.  Understand now that the IHOP sits at an Interstate exit and is open from 6am until 10pm seven days per week and has thousands of possible customers.  The Red Brick sits in Cottageville population 560, is only open 4 days per week from 4:30 pm until 9:30 pm (20 hours per week) and averages 50-80 customers per night. 

To make a long story short, they issued me a final shutdown order May the 7th and gave me 60 days to install a monstrosity of a septic system that can handle 1490 gallons per day.  After the meeting, my neighbor suggested I install a water meter, GENIUS, wish I would have thought to do that months ago.  

Current situation.

The septic system is three quarters installed, as of 27 June 22, with cost overruns it has bankrupted my business currently costing 47,000 dollars.  My water meter has been running for 6 weeks with a daily average of 349 gallons, well within the capacity of my current system. There was no reason for any of this nonsense. Ironically, DHEC’s order won’t shut me down on July 7th because the new Walmart Sized Septic system isn’t finished.  I will cease operations on 2 July because the restaurant can no longer afford to buy food supplies due to the unnecessary septic system installation.  Either way Mr. Timothy Kinney got his way “shut it down”.

There is so much more to this story if you wish to pursue it I guess we are broken and reaching out to you in hope of showing the citizens what this rogue agency is capable of.  Cottageville’s first real restaurant destroyed by DHEC with no reason. Please contact me if you desire.



David Stanfield



Red Brick Pizza and Cyprus Patio

10476 Cottageville SC 29435