Vaccine Injury-Treatment Alliance

Campaign Created by: Dr. Christina Parks

The funds from this campaign will be received by Christina Parks.

Goal: USD $15,000
Raised: USD $ 9,452

It is time for health-care practitioners and scientists to come together, share their knowledge, and develop diagnostics and protocols that will give doctors and other practitioners a clearer picture of how to help those suffering from chronic conditions following Covid, a medication, or an injection. The Vaccine Injury-Treatment Alliance is bringing practitioners together for just this purpose. We are setting up a website that will allow practitioners to form a community that fosters communication and collaboration. More importantly, the website will help practitioners and scientists communicate what they are learning with those that need it most (those suffering with chronic conditions). The website will be updated with new, changing information and practitioners/scientists will give regular presentations that can be watched and also later accessed by registrants. Any funds in excess of what is needed to fund the website will go toward conferences whose goal is to foster sharing and collaboration between practitioners, followed by practitioner presentations to laypersons seeking guidance in their health journey. Please help fund this much needed website and help get this ball rolling. This is just the beginning!! LET'S DO THIS!!!


Update #1: Overwhelmed with your generosity and love
July 8, 2022
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Thank each of you so much, I've overwhelmed with your generosity and love. Some of you may have noticed that the amount to be raised has been increased to $10,000. This was always my original goal, but givesendgo advises to start with a lower amount that seems more attainable. Had I known how generous people would be, I would have started with the higher Also, please be aware that any excess donations (above the cost of the website) will go to sponsoring meetings and collaborations between practitioners as well as online and/or physical conferences for practitioners to flesh out the science of healing. I'm so excited to see how God will restore lives though this initiative.


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