As a digital and practical artist the evolution of my art has taken its most exciting turn into social media on Truth Social.  On my account @DQDGER you can view and save and share the thousands of original “memes” (they’re more than memes) for no charge as my gift to patriots who have been working tirelessly to wake the people up to the evil in our world today.  

The popularity of those works is at a pinnacle where I can begin to make tangible items for you to keep and own as keepsakes of the most unbelievable time in human history.  I will continue work full days to give the political art for free on the platform(currently avg 10 new images daily), but we have an opportunity to change culture altogether.  That’s what I hope to begin here with you.  I never ask for help and have never had any.  I won’t ask you for money.  It’s up to you based on my engagement and effort to decide if it’s worth it.  Im already blessed beyond measure.  I hope to share as much of that as I can with as many of you as I can.  Thank you so very much for your interest and kindness.  #ArtSavesTheWorld #YouAndMemes #DQDGERed #MemeWarsm