January 6 patriot

Campaign Created by: Sarah Eckerman

The funds from this campaign will be received by Michael Eckerman.

Goal: USD $20,000
Raised: USD $ 8,783

Hello all. My name is Sarah. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. My husband attended the Jan 6 to PEACEFULLY protest. He ended up at the capitol. Emotions were high for everyone. He entered the capitol and took a picture with George Washington. He left after about 15 minutes. At no time did he force himself in there. The cops were letting people in. Now a DC cop is accusing my husband of assault and is facing up to 10 years in prison. He would never hurt anyone let alone a police officer! We have depleted our savings for legal fees and we have 3 young children. The FBI raided our home in September 2021 and we’ve been under constant attacks from FBI stalking us and getting threatening letters from “anonymous “ people. They refuse to drop the assault charge even though there is no video evidence to prove their claim. How can there be evidence when it doesn’t exist! We will not back down and likely be going to trial. My husband is the primary breadwinner and that means his job is on the line. We love GOD and will fight for the TRUTH to be made known! If you can donate anything to help w legal fees, we are so grateful. BUT prayers are far more powerful and we need all we can get. We are all struggling so much with the inflation so I completely understand if you can’t help financially. GOD bless you all and GOD bless America!


Update #2
January 12, 2024
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Hello all. I know it has been a while since I have updated our situation. Michael is still incarcerated and we are hoping that he can be released in the next couple of months on home confinement. Your prayers more then anything, have been detrimental. They have protected him and given me and our children so much hope and comfort. This entire ordeal has reminded me that good people do still exist and they care. I am beyond humbled by the words of encouragement, prayers, and acts of kindness from people all over the world. I ask God to bless every single one of you that have prayed for, donated, and encouraged my family. I pray that one day, I can pay if forward to others. We will always stand for truth. What is in darkness, will be brought to light. God wins no matter what. I will update again when I know an exact date Michael is finally released. Please know I see and appreciate every single one of you. God bless....Sarah. 

Update #1 May 2023
May 26, 2023
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I cannot thank you all enough for these donations. I am truly humbled beyond words. Just to give an update on my husband as of May 2023. He is currently serving a 20 month prison sentence for a crime he did not commit. We had to agree to a plea deal with the FBI. You will NOT get a fair trial in DC. They basically gave us 2 options. Take the plea deal to "impeding the officer" and face 24-30 months prison, or go to trial and face at least 8 years on all charges. He faced not seeing his children for almost 2 years or not seeing them grow up well into their early adult years. What they did not tell you on the news, is that when my husband went to the sentencing in D.C. before Judge Cooper, the prosecutors were asked to provide the EVIDENCE that Michael assaulted the cop. Of course they did not have the evidence because it doesn't exist, because it never happened. Judge Cooper told the prosecutors that the "video" stills they had of Michael showed no evidence of assaulting an officer and for that knocked off 6 felony points from his sentence. However, since he was forced to take a plea deal stating he "impeded" an officer from doing his job (by standing in front of him), it held the same felony charge as "assaulting" and told Michael he had to use him as an example so that this type of thing never happens again to the government. My husband was told more then 2 times, he had "privilege" because he maintained his job through all of this and has a loving and supportive family. After the sentencing took place, the media lied and stated he plead guilty to assaulting a cop down a small flight of stairs and painted him out as a total monster completely defaming his character. He was ordered to turn himself in in late April to begin his sentence. He is over 500 miles away from me and his children. Through all of this, it has made us a stronger family unit and closer to God in so many ways. I will NOT let the evil influences by the comments, hate, threats, etc. to ever get me down. God wins in the end, and the truth will prevail. May God bless every single one of you for your prayers, donations, and kind words. Please continue to pray, send letters, etc to the other J6 prisoners. I know it means so much to them see that support they so desperately need as well as their families. 

Sarah Eckerman


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