At any time life can throw you a curve ball, at these moments friends and family are everything.  In February of 2021, Cheryl was diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  She had pursued the standard treatments and we were believing and praying for a miracle.  After her treatments and surgery, we later found out that it had come back in her liver.  She went through another surgery and after a lot of prayer she has decided to try an alternative route in treatment. After much research, Cheryl and her husband, Kenny have decided to step out in faith and try this alternative route. However, this step is very expensive.  We are inviting you to partner with her and her family in prayer and believing and trusting the Lord for complete healing. Also, asking if you feel led to sow a seed into their life financially to help cover the extreme expense of this treatment plan, it would be very appreciated! We thank you in advance and we pray that as you partner with them in any degree that you will be blessed, again we thank you. God bless you.