As many of you know, Tiffany was hospitalized Monday June 13th after experiencing excruciating abdominal pain steaming from a gallbladder attack. Upon arrival to the ER, Tiffany’s blood pressure was alarmingly high at an astounding 226/140. An emergent EKG showed a left bundle branch block and atrial enlargement in her heart. The health of Tiffany’s heart quickly became a priority as she  was rushed for further tests. 

After enduring a very painful draining of her gallbladder the following day, Tiffany received the news that no young, healthy woman in her early 30’s wants to hear, “You have congestive heart failure”. 

An angiogram showed that there was in-fact NO blockage but confirmed that Her heart is very weak. Tiffany’s heart is measured to be at a 20 percent function (normal is 55-60). We eagerly await an MRI that will occur next week as they were full and Tiffany was eager to return home to be with her family. 

Tiffany’s gallbladder still needs to be removed, however due to the issues with her heart, the surgery is expected to take place in about a month. Her blood pressure is finally managed with 4 different medications. It was running in the 220s/140s and now reduced to a much safer 116/86!!! Praise God. 

We are hoping this wonderful crowdfunding platform can help alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty that the coming days, weeks, and months may hold. We are hoping to support the family with supplemental income while Tiffany is unable to work, along with however this will affect how Jerry’s work schedule. We hope to offer some freedom to possibly find fun and engaging summer activities for Tiffany and Jerry’s 3 beautiful children so that they might move through this transition period in their childhoods with comfort and ease. We hope to provide help with medical,food, and home expenses for the Rice family. 

We have already received an unbelievable outpouring of support from church, friends, and family! Thank you to who have already helped!

Please join me in actively and intentionally praying for Tiffany’s healing. She is an incredibly ambitious woman and loves her family fearfully. She will have to adjust to a slower pace and that will also be hard on her psychology. She is a warrior, but she needs to rest now. 

Thank you for reading and we will use this page to provide updates as time passes. 

But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds, declares the Lord” Jeremiah 30:17