We are asking for donations to cover the cost of the Iowa State voter rolls purchased to do research and analysis ($1950 ) plus the money to cover the expenses to have our analyst fly in to do an event presenting his finding. We just completed the initial meeting with Dr frank on 7/27 and he shared much data and gave us a plan forward to secure our elections. The event costs totaled approximately 2K and we collected approximately 1.3k we added a% for GSG for both above amounts. We will be scheduling another event in order to turn in our findings now that we have been assigned tasks. If you are interested in being a part of our cause, be notified when our next event is scheduled, or learn more please comment or follow us on this site. We also have a telegram and Facebook page you can inquire about by contacting me.

Our goal is to improve election integrity through the following:

-Getting all the statewide voter rolls clean, and voters removed that no longer are eligible to vote for one reason or another.

-To preserve the 2020 election records for the interim until issues are found and corrected.

-To educate Iowa voters about the laws and practices that may add to anomalies and loopholes which cause questions on election integrity.

-Have such laws and practices addressed by our representatives & officials at the state and county level