This is the story of our son Nicolas Lopez Romo.  He was born In the country of Mexico in the state and city of Aguascalientes. He is currently 2 years old and approx 8 months. Nicolas was born visually impaired in both eyes. Unfortunately, in both eyes, his retina is damaged, and a cataract in one of his eyes. Unfortunately here in the state we live in, the ophthalmologist we have visited gives us no hope. we have visited many here in the state and all come to the conclusion that we need to wait until he is much older or simply give no hope at all. As parents, you could imagine how difficult it is to try to help your son but nothing can be done. Thankfully over the last weekend, we were able to meet a couple with a son having a similar problem and recommended us to an ophthalmologist out of the state. We were able to look at the reviews of this doctor and we felt so much hope, especially with the recommendation of others with a similar issue. Unfortunately, the trip and visit to the doctor are out of our budget, Nicolas will require many studies under sedation and the cost is pretty expensive, this is the reason why we ask kindly for your support since this is the first time since Nicolas was born that we have hope to surgery as well. As the parents of Nicolas, we are feeling very emotional and excited to have this chance to take him to Mexico City.