Jambo, (Hello) Robert and Rachelle Goode here. We are excited that the Lord is sending us to Kenya, Africa this year as missionaries! This is an extended two-in-a-half month mission-trip that we will be serving on the LDTMS Team. This is just a few of our plans while we are in Kenya; planting and training local administrators for the opening of the new school year of our existing Bible Schools and planting new schools, hosting a Pastors Conference, a Women’s Retreat, Graduation Ceremonies, Alumni Dinner for past graduates, ministry time and teaching, visiting two orphanages, along with local outreaches. Somewhere in there we hope to breath and enjoy the beauty of the beautiful nation! Nasema Asante, (We say Thank You!) in advance for partnering with us, in prayer! Our needs for this trip will be great and we are always receptive to your generous donations! As we serve Christ together, may God richly bless you. We Love all Ya'll! Robert and Rachelle Goode

Rachelle's travel dates are August 21, 2022, thru November 2, 2022.

Robert's travel dates are Oct 3, 2022, thru November 2, 2022, we appreciate your prayers!

If you wish to send a tax-deductible gift, please address it to: LDT Ministries Memo Note: Robert & Rachelle Goode 61800 E. 262 Loop N. Lot 34 Grove OK 74343

          What have Robert and Rachelle been up too…Well, we have come "alongside" as a ‘workers in the field’ serving Larry and Debra Titsworth Ministries. Robert has had the privilege (during 2021-2022) to attend: SOme, (School of Missions and Evangelism), a local Bible School here in Grove, Oklahoma. Debra Titsworth has acted as SOme’s Director. Rachelle Goode, has taken on more of a behind the scenes role with the local and International Bible School, working one on one with bible students as a Counselor, assisting administratively, editing media videos, and assisting Bible Schools that LDT Ministries have in Kenya, Africa. She is also helping design a fresh up to date website for the International Missions School, for online Bible School classes. We both have been attending discipleship training classes taught by Pastor and Teacher, Mark Palmer, who's moto is: “Save the Lost, Equip the Saved, Send the Equipped.” And we both have experienced much joy and peace as we have learned and grown in our newfound passion for God’s Word and His Ways!

Now here is a little bit about LDT Ministries (Lives Devoted To Ministries)

          Our Mission…“There is much work to be done.” We have heard this statement many times and agree. There are many lost and hurting people living hopelessly in their devastation. In Luke 15, Jesus told us the parable of the lost sheep. Our vision is to go in search of these lost and share with them the good news of God’s restoration plan, bringing them the Hope that God has not forgotten them, and wants to restore their lives. Helping them to become strong and understand the purpose God has for their lives. As LDT Ministries, we are Lives Devoted to Ministry. We believe God has a plan for each and every one of us. Our mission is Training the Trainers; empowering the leaders of churches with the truth of the Word of God. As they grow into the leader God has planned for them to be they will in turn empower the people of their families, church and nation. As we observe to do as the Lord has commanded us, not turning aside to the right or to the left, but walking in the plan He has shown us, we aim to be an example of God’s love and restoration. Presenting the Word of God by teaching the commandments, the statutes and judgments, which offer Hope and Restoration. Mark 16:15, Isaiah 42

          About UsWe are Larry and Debra Titsworth. We are currently living in Grove, Oklahoma. After serving God in St Croix for three years we said yes to the next step following God to Kenya Africa, it is hard to believe this is our 9th year there. After raising our family, having retired from our careers, who would have thought we had so much yet to do! We are busy about our Fathers business and enjoying every day. Our St Croix and Kenya trips have introduced us to nations, new family and a new way of life which has absolutely changed us. We have gathered many testimonies and hope to be able to gather many more before we are done with our journeys. What an honor to be a part of that. 

          “To be a friend, a man should strive to be like the shadow of a great rock in a weary land, to be a source of refuge and strength to those who walk in darkness.” (By Wilfred A. Peterson) …To be a friend is to be like Jesus! No matter where God sends us or what he asks of us, we pray we will always be a friend to the people He sends us to! Let us be like Jesus!