Russell and Ginger Moore were injured when their helicopter crashed the morning of June 6 at the Rusk County Airport outside Henderson, Texas. 

Ginger was released the same day with 9 staples in the back of her head. Russell has suffered much more serious injuries to his hands, arms, and feet. The primary damage is to his left elbow, which was crushed, out of socket, and missing tissue and bone. He also has exposed and damaged tendons and bones on his hand and foot as well as some burn wounds. He has undergone two surgeries so far. The first was to stabilize his elbow and general trauma care. The second was to clean out debris in his elbow in preparation for the big surgery to install titanium rods. He will need more procedures to clean out the elbow before the big surgery. His ankle, foot, and hands also need mending. 

They have five kiddos ages 4 to 16. Russell is self-employed and will be unable to work for many weeks. Let’s bless this precious family with support during a critical time of need. Please continue to lift them in prayer to our great Physician. He works in the details and shows up in mighty ways! We praise Him in all circumstances!