I’m. Bob I have a clergy sexual abuse suit in Albany ny. I filled last august. Before I even knew  that there was a way to file a case I reached out to the Albany bishops office by email because I was suicidal and could not stop drinking and then I did spend 8-9 months originally dealing with the Albany bishops office. There was a full investigation done. When it was complete I received a message from the bishops office.that my complaint was valid and the church will be taking full responsibly  for my abuse.i was not offered a settlement at that time I did not know how to even ask the bishop for So I  found a lawyer and filled by Aug. 13. Th dealine the lawyer I have doesn’t  respond to quick to my email or texts. and a few Months she did not respond for over a week. I called the firm and complained. She was very angry at me for that.  When we finally talked she informed me that the reason for her not getting back was that there was no information yet and my case would take maybe  years before I hear anything. I thought I did 85 % of every thing  I have documentation from the Albany bishops office. Of all the investigations done and told me that the church was taking. Full responsibility for my abuse. I told her all this up front and there was never and talk of that. I feel like I would have been better taking my chances whit the bishop. Instead of not waiting maybe years. Atleast I probably could have gotten housing and some kind of financial help.  So I don’t know if I’m wrong be thinking that I was treated wrong and I am the one suffering she makes me feel like I’m working for her. I have not heard anything since November and I am a little scared of her now. She has my future in her control.