I thought I would add this little note: I may not get any donations, times are tough for everyone and money is short, but please pray for me, I noticed people have clicked they are praying for me, I know it doesn't seem like much but it does show me someone is praying for me and that sometimes is enough and it doesn't cost anything. Take Care and God Bless.

I need help, I need a medical operation and I can't afford it, I will do the best that I can to explain everything.

My symptoms are that I stop breathing quite often at night and sometimes during the day. The Doctors say I have a Deviated Septum which must be operated on. This causes my airway to block suddenly, this is what causes me to wake up at night gasping for air. When this happens during the day its similar to holding your breath under water but unlike when I swim and control it, I have no control over it, it just happens on its own.

We have no idea what caused this to start causing breathing problems, the Doctor says I was most likely born with the Deviated Septum and as I have gotten older it somehow started drooping over my airway and will continue getting worse as time goes on.

I used to have insurance until I was laid-off but this problem did not reveal itself while I had insurance. What I find so difficult is that I paid for my insurance for over 20 years through the company I worked for but I used the insurance very little. Once I was laid-off I could no longer afford the insurance because I didn't work for the company any longer and didn't qualified for the group discount so the cost of this same insurance went up 20 times from $100 a month to $2000 a month. This is insane, you get laid-off having no income so the Insurance Companies decide to charge you an un-affordable enormous rate. I feel insurance companies are not at all fair and paying for over 20 years without using them so you get nothing in return. When you lose your job, insurance companies should be required to continue charging you the same exact rate as when you worked for the company, it was not my fault I was laid-off, my entire division was shut-down.

So now, have you ever heard the saying, when it rains it pours, after I was laid-off I started driving a motorcycle because its cheaper and I needed to save money, well, I had an accident fracturing my collarbone, 4 ribs, and a punctured lung. With the hospital stay, emergency room and I don't know what all, costing over $50000, by far the most of this was the hospital cost, they kept me 4 days and by the 2nd day I was asking to be release and they would not, the 3rd night I said if you do not release me in the morning I'm walking out, I was still in pain but they would not tell me the cost no matter how many times I asked, I feel the robbed me, in my opinion it was theft because I had been asking to be released, when they brought me in I was knocked out, I'm sorry but I just think they took advantage of me. They did nothing for my fractures, and as far as the punctured lung, I could have done what they did at my home, all they did was give my Tylenol 3, that's it and that is why I feel like the hospital mugged me, it was not worth $50000 plus dollars, it wasn't. So that happened but then I had another accident during winter where I slipped on ice and fell hit my chin which caused my teeth to crash together which caused my teeth to crack, so that happened even though I was walking very slow. And all of this happened without insurance that I used to have. Sometimes it makes me think God is angry at me, why couldn't any of this happen while I had insurance for over 20 years. I'm in pain most of the time, I just don't know what to do, I'm really not sure how this donation GiveSendGo works but this is like my last hope, most days I feel like I'm dying inside which I think is mostly due to depression because I feel like I'm in a hopeless situation and I can't afford any more hospital bill and desperation is starting to set in and with the economic inflation we are seeing, its all overwhelming.

Please, if you feel you can help even a little, it will go a long way.