My name is Eric, Im 39, disabled and a father of 2 with a wonderful wife who has stuck by me through some of the worst parts of my life.
Well third time is a charm right, disability application is at 25%.

Tried twice in Alabama, denied due to lack of medical documentation, due to lack of insurance.
Moved to Tennessee, got insurance and after 2 surgeries, (c4-c7 and L4-S1 fusions) I was almost back to some semblance of normalcy(40% roof normal function), part time job making milkshakes $14 an hour, ya know trying to get back into living. Then the car wreck on Dec 8 happened.
Headed home from physical therapy, wham, struck in the rear drivers tire, spun me into a whole new world of pain.
Due to the fusion in my lower back, the wreck caused my sacrum to twist, causing bilateral sacrolitis.
So back under the knife I go, right side was done April 7th, two triangular bolts the size of pencil grips through my pelvis into my sacrum. Left side will be done 90 days from now.
Effectively, 1/3 of my spine is now fused. Im in a pain clinic. I start physical therapy back next week for post Op pain and complications.
Yes there is lawyers involved, her insurance has accepted liability, kicker to that is my treatment has to be completed before the bodily injury can be determined, also there is a good chance my medical bills will eat up her entire policy leaving me with a broken body, lost wages and nothing but the scars to show.
Oh but I did get a cool walker out of the deal, it has wheels with breaks and a seat with a basket under it.

In march Tennessee Medicaid/bluecare referred me for social security for disability, like I said before 3rd time is a charm right problem with that is it takes at least 7 months for that process to go through, and Im not holding my breath again. 

A little about me, i turn 40 this year, i have a 9 yr old daughter and 6 year old son, my wife has a decent job and hopefully in the next couple months we can move out of her besties living room into an apartment of our own again.
The insurance company totaled our car which we had only had for a month and a half, so we had to go buy another car, we went from a Subaru legacy to a jeep Cherokee limited so gas mileage has become a bigger issue.
We could use all kinds of help in every way, kids these days really dont like canned veggies and cornbread. Grocery delivery? My wife makes too much for SNAP, but not quite enough to keep ramen noodles in the house.
My son loves drawing and crafts, we have to hide the glue and scissors.
My daughter she is the easy one she is content playing said besties PS3 Minecraft, or playing on the SafeLink cell phone we got.
Gas money to get my wife to work and the kids to school and me to doctors appointments and physical therapy would be awesome.
Because of my limited mobility, I took up guitar/ukulele and chess. music therapy helps keep the depression at bay. Chess keeps the mind sharp.
If anyone could help with the cost of yousician for a year, or know anyone who would do one on one lessons in Nashville for a disabled guy Ive kinda plateaued with what I can teach myself over the past year.
I dont have star struck dreams of fame, i just want to be able to play enough to write my pain into song. Im not the type to be able to sit on my hands. So that may be the only thing I get to leave behind when I go.
Thank you for your prayers, and if you do feel the grace to offer assistance...Bless you.