This is a Canada-wide campaign to get accurate and published Vaccine and Covid data to Canadians on Billboards and Banners in high visibility areas.

Radio waves, TV, print media, and Big Tech (FB, Google etc.) are trumpeting constantly that the current vaccines are "safe and effective." Media and Big Tech are explicitly censoring any information that is counter to this narrative, essentially preventing Canadians from making an informed choice.

To date there are 1.3 MM + vaccine injuries and 29,031 + deaths in the first 28 days after injection, reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), and the number is growing daily.

We need to go "old school" to get around this censorship and get vaccine adverse events data in front of Canadians. 

Billboards and banners are old school and effective, they cannot be censored, unlike the mainstream media and Big Tech collaboration known as the Trusted News Initiative: Trusted News Initiative announces plans to tackle harmful Coronavirus disinformation - Media Centre (

Your donation will help Canadians to make informed decisions.  The truth is not afraid of the light.