It is with heavy hearts we find ourselves announcing that our father, Leo Roy Brown, passed away unexpectedly on Friday, May 27th, following a toe-amputation surgery.

After a two-month struggle with heart complications due to his recent COVID illness, Leo was released from the hospital and sent to a recovery center. We all believed our father had battled through and won the fight, only to then die suddenly the day after having a seemingly routine toe-amputation surgery. All of us children had been in daily communications with him and had been visiting him regularly. Every day while in recovery, Leo would send multiple texts to each of us with some type of hello, updating us on his recovery, sometimes needing some type of supply brought to him that the recovery center didn't offer. Without fail, Leo continued his communication with his children every day.

On Thursday night, May 26th, we received messages from Leo letting us know he was out of surgery and doing fine. The following day, there wasn't a single text or phone call from our father. It wasn't until 8:00 pm on Friday that our sister received a call from the recovery center stating Leo was unresponsive and was being transferred to Saint Luke's Medical Center by ambulance. Unfortunately, Saint Luke's was unable to revive him and he passed away shortly after arrival. 

Although Leo had been in and out of hospitals for quite some time these last few months, we all thought the hardest times were behind him and he would be getting out soon. To say it came as a sudden shock to all of us is an understatement. Moreover, due to Leo's lengthy stays in multiple hospitals, first with COVID and then for the resulting heart complications along with other medical problems, he had become unemployed and left without any type of coverage to assist with a funeral service. As a result, we are seeking any monetary assistance his friends and loved ones would be willing to offer. Please understand how hard it is having to ask for help when it comes to laying our father to rest, but due to the unimaginably high costs of even the most economical options, it is an overwhelming reality we now find ourselves in. Thank You All So Much For Your Support.