This is a campaign to raise money for our 9 year old son, Walker, to get an autism service dog. Walker has autism and is non-verbal. Getting him a highly trained service dog from Deer Creek Labradoodles’s in Kentucky could allow him to better:

- stay safe from running off (eloping) 

- attend church, family gatherings, and events

- remain calm when experiencing sensory overload 

- be able to go to sleep during regular hours 

We really appreciate that you are considering helping Walker, and our whole family, by donating.  Your donation will help cover costs for several important areas:

- a professionally-trained service dog, bred and trained specifically to serve children with autism

- training and initial fees

- travel expenses 

- ongoing expenses

- trainer expenses

Specifically, the dog is $20,000. Anything raised over that will be used toward associated expenses or for Walker directly. 

Thank you for any way you are able to help!

The Douglas Family