Everyone's outpouring of love, prayers, and support have been phenomenal and greatly appreciated since Natalie's death on 05/06/22.  Many have asked if there is anything else they can do for us.  Well......This is the hard part about which I come to you now.  I'm not very good at needing things from others.  


Upon leaving California, our life-insurance policies did not follow with us.  Natalie was in the process of trying to find the right plan that we could afford with her being a Stage 4 Cancer patient.  However, we thought we had more time.  She was doing so well with her chemo treatments.  We all thought she'd be with us for quite a few more years.  She was looking forward to starting a new career that was going to utilize her skills in business, partnered with her gifts of hospitality and her warm, personal spirit.  That all changed on May 6.  I'm now a single dad, with a single income.  There is a possibility of us facing a pretty big financial shortfall.   


I spoke with my friend who is a fellow pastor.  He said I should do what I hate doing.....ask others for help.  Also, he counseled that I should share specifically our financial needs. 


I'm humbly asking to please consider making a gift of a monetary contribution to our family.  Specifically, I'm hoping to raise $50,000.  This should get us through the next 12-months.  It will help us secure a home for Riley as we go to close on the house Natalie worked so hard for us to move into.  I am sharing an exact amount so that those that are unable to donate could then be in specific prayer that the LORD will provide those that are financially able to help.  


It's kind of ironic that "It's a Wonderful Life" is one of my favorite films.  Right now, I'm hoping to have a Frank Capra moment like George Bailey had at the end of the movie.  


Thank you so much for your consideration in this issue. 


-Derek Morris

(714) 904-8340