Dominic fight cancer

Campaign Created by: Matthew Reimer

The funds from this campaign will be received by Matthew Reimer.

Goal: CAD $30,000
Raised: CAD $ 3,418
Help my nephew Dominic fight cancer!

Theirs an identical fund me campaign going on another site right now organized by my youngest sister. I wanted to organize one on this platform to give individuals options on where they can donate to help my nephew fight cancer. I have set a smaller goal on this platform but right now every dollar matters. Even with our two campaigns combined the on-going costs are tremendous. All donations will go to my sister Eliane and her famlies fight to beat this!

My name is Matthew and my family was recently given the dreadful news that my 7 year old nephew has cancer. I'm starting this fundraiser on behalf of my sister, Eliane, her husband, Michael, and their two children Dominic and Cedric who live in Washington.

This all started a few weeks ago when Dominic got a CT scan for having blood in his urine and bladder incontinence. They discovered he had a large mass in his left kidney and suspected it to be cancerous so he would require surgery to remove his kidney. May 4th Dominic was admitted to Marybridge children's hospital and May 6th he had the surgery.
The surgery took 5 hours but was successful and the kidney was sent to pathology to see if it was cancerous. They also placed a port cath during the surgery to prepare for the possibility of chemo treatments. Since pathology would take 3-5 days for results, he was discharged from the hospital however, they couldn't go home as they needed to stay close to the hospital and wait the results so they've been staying in a nearby hotel. They hired an integrated oncology specialist to be a part of the team to work with the main oncologist throughout Dominic's post-op care for the most natural and best way to keep him healthy and strong throughout this process and provide a higher percentage rate of no relapses in his future.

May 13th they received the preliminary reports. It's a blue cell tumor which means it is a cancerous tumor but it's not wilms (Nephroblastoma) or a number of others that they had originally suspected. They suspect now Ewing's Sarcoma, Seattle children's hospital will be testing for that. It's a rare cancer with 70-80% cure (a little less successful than wilms).
They want to do more scans next week to confirm nothing has spread to the brain, but the surgery margins went very well so as of right now they think any of the cancer cells in his body would be microscopic, which chemo will kill off. They have an appointment on Wednesday the 25th to find out the whole report and what Seattle has determined.

May 16th they got word on what the hospital is billing insurance.
Facility charge: $194,183.50
Physicians: $10,970
And this doesn't include chemo treatments, follow up visits or the hernia surgery and removal of the port cath! They haven't received the clinical or oncology bills either those will be separate.

Michael has insurance that should cover 80% however, the remaining total will likely be around $50,000 at least based on these bills alone.

And this isn't over yet.

It's been an incredibly stressful and emotional time for them, so if we can ease even a little of that stress financially, it would be so appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

We'll update you as we learn more.


Overdue Update - Join the Facebook Group - Link at the Bottom
October 13, 2022
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Most Recent Update:
Dominic's appointment and labwork today showed mostly good numbers. His platelets were high enough that he didn't need another transfusion but low enough that they couldn't admit him for chemo. Which actually worked out amazingly well because this week is Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) and we can now have a few days to celebrate the biblical feast! Happy Sukkot!!
(He will be admitted Thursday now for his 5 day round of chemo).

Something cool that happened in September:
Dom received a personalized jersey from Kelyn Rowe.
Never Ever Give Up (NEGU)

Theirs also a public group page on Facebook Dominyte The Warrior -

You guys are more then welcomed to join to keep up to date faster <3

!!**IMPORTANT**!! Donation Handling Transparency
July 23, 2022
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Recently their was a miss-communication regarding a single donation sent and I apologize to the party involved for the confusion, hassle and any inconvenience. In the interest of being fully transparent in moving donations, this is what you can expect to happen once a donation has been made on this site.

1. The amount donated will be charged to your Credit Card

2. It will likely show up as Razenet (which is my personal computer business) and I have a website.

3. The payment vendor I use for my business is Stripe (this vendor accepts the money and transfers it to my Bank account) - This information probably won't show on the charge.

4. From my Bank account the money is moved to my moms account where she takes these donations and my sister Elycias campaign donations then converts it all to USD.

5. My mom then travels back across the border and delivers the money to Eliane.

So please, if you see a charge on your Credit Card from either Razenet or Stripe know it's your donation to Eliane and don't be concerned.

Thank you so very much for all your donations and prayers. Updates for Eliane have slowed down as nothing significant has happened that I know of at this time. They still go in for chemo treatments once a week and it's a new "normal" routine for them. Please continue to pray and any financial help is greatly appreciated as they are still looking at 10s of thousands being owed even with what they've received so far.

If you can share Dominics story and this link to others that can help, over social media or in your church we would be forever grateful.

Latest From Eliane
July 9, 2022
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Well we're headed home today (July 8th)! His platelets are too low for chemo this weekend, so we come back Wednesday next week for chemo treatments. He got de-accessed and did amazing with Olaf's help (Olaf is the on site therapy dog).
It feels cruel to have him accessed again in less than a week, his port site is still so tender... but hopefully we can find ways to help keep him calm through it. This crazy schedule we have is such a headache some days, but I am thankful we get to go home and enjoy this weekend as a family.

In the last 72hours...
June 14, 2022
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Dom had a dose of Chemo in clinic Friday, he complained the rest of the night how sore he felt, he felt hungry but had no appetite and he dozed off and on but no one got much rest Friday night. Saturday he felt warm, and he was still very sore, wanting to be carried everywhere, he hardly ate anything and we discovered Saturday evening he had a fever of 103 (anything above 101 he has to go to the hospital for, because of chemo he's immunocompromised).

He was rushed to Skagit ER which ended up being a nightmare and very traumatic for him. The nurses poked him way too many times and failed to get an IV in his port Cath and his veins. It took over 6 hours to get lab work done, finally we received the results and discovered he has neutropenic fever, his WBC,RBC among other things were dangerously low. They didn't hydrate or give him antibiotics. They almost gave him ibuprofen which he is unable to have with only 1 kidney! They called their oncology team and told them they were headed their way (Tacoma). The Dr. at Skagit initially told them they couldn't leave but then that they had to wait for the emergency pick up (which would've been another hour and half wait and then almost 2 hours to get to Tacoma) so they declined and drove themselves. They've since been admitted, not sure for how long, but the care for Dominic is so much better!

To those who've been following Dominic's story, thank you for your prayers, and please continue to pray for a quick recovery and strength throughout this ordeal. It's going to be a very long and stressful 33 weeks of being in and out of the hospital and managing all the effects of chemo.

Update on Dom from Eliane
June 11, 2022
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He had lab work and chemo today. Cedric was able to come and see Dominic get his port accessed and finally know where he goes on all these trips which was good for him. Dominic was so brave today showing Cev (Cedric little brother) that it doesn't hurt, and he walked into the clinic singing "This is the day the lord has made" and "this little light of mine" The nurses all loved it. Post chemo, he's very sore, and extremely tired but is having trouble sleeping.

We tried to go to a friend's birthday party but we didn't stay long, he so desperately wanted to play but couldn't from being too sore and just completely drained of energy. He's been asking to be carried everywhere today. His lab work came back and his white blood count, red blood count, hemoglobin, hematocrit and platelet counts are VERY low and the Drs want more lab work done early next week before Friday when he's admitted again.

Thankfully we can do this locally though, so Monday or Tuesday that'll get done. Please pray these numbers go up so he won't need a transfusion this early into chemo (it's bound to happen at some point they've said... I guess I'm just really not ready for that, I wasn't expecting that to happen this soon into it all)...

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Quick shoutout to Jone from GiveSendGo
June 11, 2022
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Few days ago I received a wonderful voicemail on my phone from Jone at GiveSendGo leaving a beautiful prayer for Dominic. I have saved this voicemail, recorded it and sent it to Eliane and her family who have now heard it. Thank you so much GiveSendGo for providing us with this platform for my nephew and for reaching out in this way.

Update from Eliane (Dom's mom)
June 7, 2022
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Dominic endured his first weekend of Chemo, it was rough. They started late, and then had to wake him every 2 hours to use the bathroom. No one really got any sleep over the weekend.
Thankfully playing Pokemon Go, Uno, reading books and playing the switch helped to keep him happy and distracted throughout the day when he wasn't napping.
He couldn't wait to leave the hospital though, he kept asking when he could go home.
Post chemo he's been very tired, sleeping a lot and at first he had no appetite. He's hungry now but doesn't want to eat or drink because his mouth stings when he does the doctors said this is a side effect from the chemo drugs and it could continue to get worse as well, with the possibility of needing to place a feeding tube if Dominic refuses to eat. We're not at that point yet, and I pray we won't have to be as I know Dom will like that about as much as he liked the catheter post-op.

His next appointment is this Friday where he gets lab work done and 1 of the chemo drugs. It'll be a short visit thankfully. The following week we will be admitted again on the Friday (17th) this time for 5 days.

We are continually grateful of everyone's support.

Latest update on Dominic & Message from Eliane to You
June 6, 2022
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I am posting this update a little late due to our family going through a big house move at the same time all of this has been happening but as we settle into our new home I will be online more frequently to follow up with updates. Dominic has started his first chemo treatment this week and it's been tough.

A direct update from Eliane:
Thank you to all our friends, family and to those we've never met who have supported us financially and through prayer as we navigate through in helping Dominic beat this Ewing Sarcoma diagnosis! It's hard to believe it's only been 3 weeks since we discovered the tumor and him requiring surgery! Our life has changed so suddenly and drastically and our sole focus has been spending time as a family and getting the best care for Dominic. We were able to delay chemotherapy for 1 week in order for him to gain some weight (he lost many lbs post-op), as well as to get a 2nd testing done on the mass. As we prepare for chemotherapy this next week we are feeling more at peace with our support system we've found to help alongside us in this battle. We are so overwhelmed and appreciative of all the donations, encouragement and love sent our way. We still have a long road ahead and we will try to keep you all updated as we are able.

Dominic update - From Eliane
May 19, 2022
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  The final diagnosis is Ewing Sarcoma or at least a form of that. It's super rare there are less than 500 people a year in the US that have this, and for Dominic having it start in the kidney is even more rare. The mass is still being tested on for one last thing to do with genetic mutation. They're doing the PET scan Friday to check for any other cancerous cells/tumors in his whole body and plan to start chemo that day as well.

  Treatment will be every other week, hospital admitted for 3 days (so we're staying at the hospital this weekend!) the next week we'll be there for 5 days and this will alternate every other week. Marybridge will be our second home for about 33 weeks! We already stayed 5 days and it's just under 200k, after 33 weeks the bills will be overwhelming 🙁. Pray that financial aid and grants all come through for us!! Mike can't take too much longer off work or our medical insurance will lapse.

  So pray for full healing for him with no relapses. If this hasn't metastasized it's 4/5 successfully cured... It's much less successful if it has metastasized though which the PET scan will show us Friday.


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