Hi, my name is Kevin Rempel and I’m a contract Mechanical Designer with over 29 years experience designing natural gas processing plants, oil processing facilities and natural gas compressor stations.

During the CCP’s COVID “pandemic” the Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments, along with most of there governments of the world, instituted the CCP’s policies of personal lockdowns, business closures, masking, etc.

As everyone knows these actions caused the global downturn in the economy and the consequent reduction in demand for oil and gas. Infrastructure projects in oil and gas became almost nonexistent and consequently I’ve had little work in the last two years.

Since I did not have enough work to pay for my business cost, i.e., software licences, computers, transportation, etc., my personal and familial expenses I’ve had to cash in my retirement saving and max out my credit.

The Trudeau government brought in so called COVID business relief programs however the amount of non deferable business expenses required to access the programs seems to have been set to exclude small design businesses like mine and like all the other contract designers in the oil and gas industry.

Being an aging, 61-year-old, mechanical designer with limited prospects of gaining regular employment with oil and gas sector engineering firms, they are letting go of design employees of my age and seniority, and with contract project work being too intermittent to sustain my business and my life, I have decided I needed to create my own work and mission for the rest of my time on this good Earth.

Luckily, before the pandemic downturn in the economy I had been working on an invention, a chemical reactor, that would allow one to reform and recycle all the carbon containing materials in Municipal Solid Waste, at the molecular level, into fuels, i.e., gasoline, diesel, ethanol, etc. and Petro-chemical feed stocks, i.e., ethylene, propylene, etc. My invention makes this possible without having to separate the inorganic and organic components of the waste beforehand.

After exiting the reactor, the carbon compounds will have low enough molecular weights, be at a high enough temperature and be at a pressure that causes them to be vaporous, which makes it easy to separate them from the residual solid minerals and metals.

The vapor containing the recycled and reformed carbon compounds can be separated into its constituent chemical species using standard chemical processes.

The residual solid minerals and metals, because of the required preprocessing of the MSW, will exit the reactor as a fine particulate which make it easy the extract the metals using standard electro-chemical processes.

After extracting the metals, including all the ones that cause toxic run off from our current landfills, the minerals can be further separated into feed stocks for ceramics or geo-polymers. Those minerals left over with no practical value could be consolidated into decorative stones for landscaping or just used for landfill as all harmful chemical and compounds have been removed.

I have never understood why our modern, so called advanced, civilization insists on burying in waste in the ground or dumping in the sea, polluting both. God gave us Stewardship over the Earth and we have been doing a poor job of it.

I think my invention could help with the staggering problem of Municipal Solid Waste and to that end I will be starting a crowd funding campaign to help finances the completion of the patenting process and the design and construction of a laboratory scale demonstration system with my molecular recycling and reforming reactor at its heart.

However, before I can start that crowdfunding campaign, I will have to consult with patent attorneys to ensure that what I need to disclose for the campaign does not invalidate the patents on my invention or go to the extent of doing a doing a preliminary filing to obtain a “patent pending” to protect the intellectual property. Business attorneys will also have to be consulted on whether there needs to be a special corporation setup to receive and disburse any fund raised by the campaign to protect against government interference with the moneys raised. Further, I will have to compete a preliminary design of the demonstration system, so a cost estimate for that system can be developed.

Unfortunately, I am quickly running out of the last of my retirement funds and face total financial collapse and bankruptcy within a month or two. Once I have lost my leased computers and design software, my car and possibly my home the likelihood of my being able to develop my molecular recycling and reforming reactor are every slim.

I can only hope and pray that there are enough people, who like me, want to improve our stewardship of God’s good Earth by reducing the amount of garbage we bury in the land and dump in the sea and are willing to support me in that mission.

I am seeking $80,000 to $120,000 in aid to support my business and family while I endeavor to obtain the funding to compete the patenting process of the molecular recycling and reforming reactor and to design and construct the laboratory scale demonstration system.

I am confident that once the system can be demonstrated to cost effectively convert MSW into useful fuels and Petro-chemical feed stocks that governments of every level and large waste management firms will be very interested in license the reactor technology and further developing the system.

For those who are unable to support my endeavor finically I would ask for your prayers for God’s help in supporting my mission to help reduce the pollution of His good Earth.