Support Inside Ukraine

Campaign Created by: Backroads Foundation

The funds from this campaign will be received by Backroads Foundation.

Goal: USD $200,000
Raised: USD $ 8,710
Backroads Foundation is inside Ukraine, helping where very few other groups are willing to go. The situation in Ukraine is becoming increasingly desperate. It is not uncommon to deliver food to people who haven't eaten in days.

Solomon and his team currently have just a few weeks to get the as many containers of already donated winter coats shipped to Ukraine. Unfortunately, these 20-foot containers cost well over $10,000 in total logisitics. You do the math (and then donate today As well, we have organizations and businesses in Europe committed to donating pallets of winter clothing, now they just need the funds to ship them.

The supply chain is nonexistent in some of these cities and towns, and it isn't going to improve anytime soon. These people need support now, they aren't getting it from governments or big charities. Please support us in our efforts to be able to continue to provide relief to the innocent civilians of Ukraine. 100% of the money donated is going straight to the Ukrainian people. Everything makes a difference!

Some of their current projects underway include:

  • Rescue orphans behind Russian lines
  • Taking care of orphanages
  • Transporting patients to hospitals in Poland
  • Providing critical medical supplies to hospitals and clinics in Ukraine
  • Delivering much needed supplies to communities in the war zone
  • Relocation of abandoned pets to homes in the USA


Update #1
June 17, 2022
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We have a current project that we are focusing on right now with this funding. We are in partnership with a few towns in Eastern Ukraine to help them alleviate their lack of clean water. We are working on bringing in thousands of filtration systems that can be given to the community. Each filter can support 2-3 families and are easily used.


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