In 2018, my friend Steve was diagnosed with cancer.  His positive attitude and faith through his journey was an inspiration to my family.  Here is his story, as told by his beautiful wife Melody:

For the past 4 years, my beloved husband and father of our children, Steve has been in the hardest battle that he has ever fought – cancer. It all began in 2018 when a co-worker noticed that the left side of Steve’s neck had an unusual lump. Thinking it was just a swollen gland, he visited an ear, nose and throat doctor who recommended seeing a head and neck specialist. It was there that we heard the devastating news that would change our entire lives – tongue cancer. Immediately, Steve was seen by the oncologist at Texas Oncology in Plano who determined the cancer to be Stage 4B tongue cancer and started planning his treatment to recovery. The tumor was so large that all the doctors were amazed that Steve never had a sore throat or fever and was even able to eat. Because he led such a faithful as well as healthy lifestyle for years, Steve’s lab results were always above the normal results most cancer patients went through even though he endured surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation for 8 weeks taking nutrients through a feeding tube in his stomach while his throat recovered. During that time, my husband still worked to provide for our family, send our children off to college, and went mountain biking (his favorite outdoor activity) when he could. After a successful treatment, our entire family thought we could breathe a sigh of relief and put the terrifying experience behind us. 

However, that wouldn’t be the case for us. In 2020 after a routine scan followed by a biopsy, we learned the cancer had metastasized to Steve’s lungs. Devastated by the news but not defeated, Steve fought back once again on a more aggressive radiation and chemotherapy treatment Fluorouracil, also appropriately known as “5FU” for good reason. It was extremely hard and even though this treatment brought a lot more pain, tears and stress, it also brought on an even more aggressive prayer for healing and a strong and faithful spirit. Once more, after a long 18 weeks, our family celebrated again after seeing a clear scan. Afterwards, the oncologist placed Steve on an immuno-therapy treatment as preventative maintenance.

After a year of clear scans, lesions once again showed up in Steve’s chest during routine scans in 2022 even though he had been doing immuno-therapy since his last treatment. After hearing the oncologist tell us he wanted to put Steve on three chemo cocktails and “swing for the fences,” we decided we wanted to explore other options and went to see a holistic doctor that a good friend had told Steve about during his recent fight with brain cancer. This treatment has been going well and Steve has been feeling great with a new planned gluten and sugar free diet, supplements and IV treatments. 

The next phase of this treatment will require hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which helps fight bacteria and stimulate the release of substances called growth factors and stem cells, which promote healing.1 However, this is not covered by insurance and the medical bills from cancer treatment over the past 4 years have been overwhelming and has drained us mentally and financially. 

It was at this point, that we realized we could no longer keep up with the out-of-pocket costs and needed help from the community. 


Steve has kept his positive attitude, fighting spirit as well as his rock solid faith as he continues to do what is necessary for his healing. If you would like to help his family in this trial, you can do so in a couple of ways:

1. Please pray for Steve and his complete healing from all cancer, and that financial needs are met.

2. You can donate here to help Steve pay for his upcoming treatments.