Thank you partnering with us as we work to occupy the office of Mayor in Flagstaff Arizona!

Flagstaff is facing some unique & difficult challenges that demand balanced leadership & a practical approach to problem solving!  While not every issue is going to be resolved, we can certainly do a much better job at getting Flagstaff headed in the right direction!  

We have a growing housing crisis with multiple facets involved; our water and other natural resources are becoming less & less; our law enforcement is forced to do more, while getting resources cut and appreciation diminishing; the unsheltered population is growing and lacks real, sustainable solutions; small businesses are threatened to close their doors and lose their families livelihood; and, the very fabric of American values are eroding right before our very eyes.  These amongst the growing cultural divisiveness in our cities, state & nation are exactly why I am running for Mayor!

Would you consider donating as well as spreading the word about my campaign?

Thank you,