My husband, Dr. Samuel Sigoloff, is fighting for medical freedom and the Constitution. He is standing up to tyranny in order to protect our freedoms and the freedoms of future generations.  He is also shining the light on the evil that is occurring within the medical facilities and the military.  We did not expect the monetary toll on our family.  Currently, we have already put $30k toward lawyers.  I stay at home with our children, so with one paycheck, it is difficult to keep up with all of the legal fees.  Please consider helping us with this fight.  The money raised will ONLY be used toward lawyer and legal fees.   Any money left over after this legal battle will be donated to a well respected charity.  

You can listen to my husband's podcast on iTunes and Spotify.  Find him at: After Hours with Dr. Sigoloff

Thank you so much for your contribution and for standing up for truth.