Do you like wearing a hospital gown?
I didn't think so, but don't worry… We've got you covered.

Imagine having your own specially-designed garment that you can comfortably wear from home to doctor's offices, then meet with friends, run errands, and return home— but never need to change your clothes! 

Now, that dream is a reality. Our garment protects your dignity and conveniently provides doctors and nurses essential access— functional, comfortable, and secure!

For a short introduction, please watch our video: 

We will soon have a “How it Works” video prepared to explain how our gown can be used! Please check here or on our social media for updates. 

My name is Samantha; I am just out of my teens and the co-founder of AcessoWear—a family business for our unique, specially designed medical “gown.” In 2015, during a particularly difficult time for me, I felt horribly embarrassed by the awful coverage provided at a doctor’s checkup: a flimsy sheet of semi-sheer paper! I was terribly uncomfortable in a place that is supposed to be exactly the opposite, and wished I had a garment that didn’t cause unnecessary exposure. I remembered that, earlier, while visiting family in the hospital, my dad, Tom, saw the open-backed gowns and knew something better was needed. After months of functional but not-quite-right designs, he prayed to either receive the perfect design or “take the idea away from me,” and instantly, he “saw” our gown. Thanking God, he immediately created the very first gown—made from a napkin to fit one of my china dolls. With that, he designed the essential structure of the Dignity Gown with the input of doctors, nurses, PAs, and most importantly, patients like us! It has grown into something that we hope will better the lives of many.

After my experience at the doctor’s, I knew I’d much prefer the Dignity Gown over anything else, since the embarrassment is something I never want to repeat. Thinking of the countless people who would also want and deserve this gown, I took it on as an Honors educational project. I proceeded to refine the design (learning from professional designers who made production patterns), wrote a well-received magazine article, and was invited to present at the 2017 Western Women’s Business Conference—from which I received great encouragement. When a friend from church was struck with health problems, I gave her a gown in hope that it would give her some comfort. She loved it so much that she introduced us to her son, who, with his family, owns a sewing company; we became close friends (family, really), and he partnered with us to manufacture the gowns. Now, I use only our gown at checkups; it helps me avoid embarrassment and be much less anxious—something I want to be able to share with others. My doctor likes the full medical access, so we both benefit—and soon, you can as well!

Many people in hospitals, assisted living, and other care situations have long felt humiliation when forced to wear the usual open-back gown, or worse, only a drape—because nothing else is available. Most common gowns use ties across the open back, which usually end up being cut, leaving no privacy at all! Draping often requires you to awkwardly hold it in place for coverage while trying not to get in the way of practitioners. Critical medical access is hindered by the design of current gowns, requiring unnecessary exposure for most access. Most of us already experience enough stress without something as simple as an ineffective gown adding to our frustrations. Our patent research confirmed that hundreds of designs have attempted to solve the same issues of compromised modesty and inadequate medical access, but all have ultimately proved unsuccessful, forcing us (both patients and medical practitioners alike) to continue suffering the same aggravations; several failed due to complexity, and others, due to poor, incomplete, overall function. Our purpose is your well-being, which is why we have designed a garment that provides you with full modesty while giving practitioners full and quick medical access—the real closure to an age-old problem. 

We know that people rarely think of hospital gowns (Why would you want to?)—but we also know that, in reality, they can play a significant role in our lives. For any situation, from a quick checkup to long-term care, neither patients nor doctors should be forced to bear the added worry of a troublesome gown. It’s essential that patients have the greatest possible support to recover following the dedicated work of medical professionals. Imagine if you were in the place of a loved one undergoing medical care: many are already worried, possibly seriously, and often may feel as if their lives are being consumed by their conditions. Being miserable in an ill-fitting, embarrassing gown makes most of us feel worse; many of us wouldn’t even want to leave our bed. Patients want to feel normal, yet can’t. Therefore, a comfortable, dignified gown is a genuine support in a patient’s recovery—in more ways than one, and for many people.

The Dignity Gown is the simple yet revolutionary solution.

We put great consideration into every aspect of our unique design, incorporating both what is needed and what is wanted. The closures can be easily rearranged to provide medical access to one part of your body while protecting the rest of you—efficient modesty! Our design works for all body types, ages, and genders, and can be made in any size, as well as almost any fabric (like warm micro-fleece or cooler cotton-poly)! Unlike other gowns, our garment is attractive and comfortable, and will come in two versions—institutional (for medical facilities) and retail—and is the perfect garment for most medical purposes. When worn as a dress or jacket, you can wear it to, around, and from medical care, socializing, and errands in the same day without needing to change. It is intentionally constructed for long life so you can use it over and over, ultimately saving money (and decreasing medical waste) while providing comfort and ease for all. After refining the design to make it both flattering and functional, we received our first utility patent. There is no comparison!

Now that we have the design finished and patented, our gown is already a reality, but we need your help with funding to launch our project and help it reach others. The monies we raise from the initial fundraising will pay for incorporation, patent fees, marketing, and beginning the manufacturing of standard gowns (our manufacturing partner had a large order of samples made, which were sadly lost in shipping due to Covid-19, and couldn’t be replaced). Because we’re working with an established, ethical manufacturer, we’ll be able to skip many of the steps of trial and error. Further, we will introduce them into care environments (starting with local medical facilities and assisted living); this will make it possible for patients to have much more comfort and confidence through their healing process, and make the jobs of medical practitioners a lot easier.

We would love for you to join us to help patients to recover more surely and make the jobs of medical practitioners easier.

Our goal is to make our gowns available in all hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, assisted-living environments, and other care situations (we’re also refining an ICU version). Soon, you can have your own (even custom-made)! The purpose of this project is to devotedly increase patients’ emotional support, while at the same time, helping medical practitioners help their patients; this contributes to an environment that is emotionally healthier for all, because you, whether patient or medical practitioner, deserve it! We are also planning the future Gratitude Gown project to donate gowns to wounded veterans, firefighters, other first-responders, and disaster victims.

We deeply appreciate your participation! We will provide updates of our progress and timeline. Once we begin manufacturing, you can choose a gown for yourself or have one donated to a good cause (minimum of $30 contribution will bring you 1 standard gown). Please visit our website (to be updated when possible), social media, and our article from WNC Woman (July 2016), or message us at . We will gladly answer your questions, and your thoughts are most welcome.

The Dignity Gown is not just a garment—it's a support for better health.

Please note that our social media pages are still under development, but our username on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is @acessowear

We deeply appreciate our friends for encouraging us and helping with our project: Dang, who partnered with us for manufacturing and funded our website, Ida, who created our first samples and finalized the production pattern, Tara, for creating an inclusive range of pattern sizes, Marci and Christy, whose help with writing brought words to life, Saralyn, for teaching me about business and introducing us to numerous other professionals, Sandi, for publishing our article, and Dawn, for creating a website for us to share our story, as well as many others (Rusty, Linda, Paula, Deborah, Jill, Cathy, Carole Anne, Brad, Bob, and Joel)!