Targeted Direct Mailer

Campaign Created by: Doug Brown

The funds from this campaign will be received by Doug Brown.

Goal: USD $2,600
Raised: USD $ 300

You know how you feel like you never know what is going on in your local government?  Taxes go up; decisions are made or not made that don't make sense... I'm running for city council to serve the public with this needed information and truthful response to Asheville's safety, cleanliness and prosperity.   

This Direct Mailer Campaign is for 7000 cards that will go directly to Conservative Voters who can make the difference IF WE VOTE, May 17th.   I've raised $1K.  Need to raise $2,600.   

Be sure your conservative candidates get through the May 17th election, and donate now.  Otherwise there won't be a conservative option in the November election, and Asheville will have the same ole' same ole'.   Your vote and donation will make the needed change.     Thank you,  Doug Brown  for   


$400.00 to go. 7000 direct mailers land this Thursday. Super grateful to for their great, local service. Geni, David, Mary, John - couldn't have happened without you. Cheers, Doug Brown
May 8, 2022
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Update #1We have raised 3,200.00 of the 3,600.00 needed through checks and off-line donors.
May 8, 2022
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