Aid for families and refugees in Ukraine

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Monthly Goal: USD $200,000
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Total Raised: USD $ 40,924

As many are aware - the conflict between Russia and Ukraine reached a military crux point as Russian troops began crossing both airspace and land borders and physically entering into Ukraine. 

This conflict has literally displaced hundreds and thousands of mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, young and old alike.  There are now families running for their lives - whether it's to the village portions of the country to try and find shelter, or to the underground subways and metros in order to be able to protect their lives.  Men and women all across socioeconomic statuses woke up this morning to a horrifying reality.

we are working with multiple ministries and churches all across Ukraine and Poland in order to be able to provide aid and relief to those affected by war.  What is needed immediately are first aid supplies, personal hygiene products, warm clothing, food products, even mattresses/blankets for those that have already lost their homes due to the bombings.

We invite you - each and every one of us individually - to not remain on the sidelines.  Prayer is our most effective weapon against the enemy's plans; but our finances also play a role in meeting the immediate needs of the most vulnerable right now.  Would you partner with us in meeting the most basic of needs for the most vulnerable in all of this tragedy - the women, the children, the elderly, the orphan, the widow.


Update #1
May 2, 2022
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Thank you everyone for your donations thus far, they mean so much! We are still trying to raise funds to make a sizeable difference. I\'d like to provide you with some more specifics regarding the final destinations of the funding. In addition to supporting families, friends, co-workers, and other Ukrainians directly, we will be donating to the following hospital:


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