Funds Urgently Needed for Renovation of Church Youth Center

Children and youth ministry of Saint Mary’s Assyrian Chaldean Catholic Church needs $100,000 to renovate the youth center, removing asbestos and remodel an over 100 years old center to a safer and better place for worship.

God’s miracles happen every day through good hearted people like you in this troubled world.We pray that you can partner with us in this fund raising. Allowing us to teach children Assyrian (Neo Aramaic) language of Jesus and God teaching words.

Our church in Campbell California has been a part of the community for over 30 years. Throughout the years gathered all Assyrian and Chaldean refugees from Middle East.Holding Masses and teaching children Assyrian language (Language of Jesus) and scriptures. Over 500 kids participated in First Communion classes and over 1000 weddings and baptisms were done in our church.

We are trusting in God for all funds to come for removing asbestos, remodeling bathrooms, moving walls, new plumbing, fixing electrical problems, adding a kitchenet and new roof.  Our youth center is more than a building it also keeps our minority connected and preserves our over 6772 years of Assyrian history and culture alive.

Please contribute to our cause but if you can’t, please share our site with your family and friends so more people get to learn about our mission. With your support we can reach our budget goals.

We pray to Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, please care for us and provide us with everything we need. Send people into our lives to help us with our needs.

In God we trust that all things are possible