UPDATE:  The petitioners have filed an appeal and it has been accepted in the Commonwealth Court! Great news! However, the school districts and solicitors have ALSO filed an appeal in an attempt for the petitioners to pay for their lawyer fees. They have chosen three highly paid lawyers against the petitioners’ one and expect the petitioners (aka the parents) to foot the bill. 

Moms for Liberty- Erie County, PA needs your help & your support in assisting Erie County Parents Protecting Children in their legal efforts to remove 7 of the 9 School Board Members for their neglect of duties in upholding their Oath of Offices.These individuals, along with the Superintendent and Solicitor, need to be held accountable in their abuse of power and neglect of duties. 

We would really appreciate any help you are willing to offer- the time is NOW to stand and protect our children to ensure that this type of thing NEVER happens again and our elected officials are reminded that they work for We The People.