Dorenlee Darling Doodles is a organization that breeds pups for emotional support, pet therapy, and service dogs.  We launched the official breeding program prior to covid and since the launch the need has been great. Our program has 7 staff and we run a very involved breeding program. Recently we had the vision to have our adult breeding dogs and puppies (when available) to participate in COVID fear relief. We have heard of significant number of individuals with mental health, developmental disabilities, teens and young children that are afraid to participate in the community; social anxiety is high across all demographic age groups . We see a great opportunity to be able to use our beautiful animals to be a bridging project for these individuals. Dogs have been known to lower stress, build trust and act as a positive tool to get people engaged in life again. It is our desire to raise funds for the  cost of this program, We anticipate that it would cost 250 a day, this would include travel, staffing, insurance and misc.costs. We would have a goal to run the program  through the months of July  1, 2022 to September 30,2022.  

Your contribution will make a real difference in the life of individuals who have been debilitated and not able to participate in everyday life.