Hey y’all, my names Alyssa Campbell and I’m from Oklahoma. I’m starting this give send go because my family and I have had this big dream for a long time to bring more Christian movies/tv shows to the world. Our goal is to build a Christian film studio in Oklahoma. We feel led by God to bring entertainment to the world, entertainment that’s for the whole family. We don’t want parents having to worry about their kids watching something that will mislead them. We know that people who have standards are getting tired of the junk that’s on TV today, but at the same time they’re upset because they know if they give certain things up they won’t have many options for entertainment. We want to change that for everyone, we want to provide you with entertainment you can be proud to watch and let your children watch. These films would be Christ-centered and will not disappoint. Christians like action movies, right? So why not make action movies that are Christ-centered and appropriate for the whole family? Superheroes, dramas, comedies? Yep, those are all on the list. 
It would mean so much to us if you helped make this dream a reality, we would love to get this started as soon as possible. And if you can’t donate, we understand, and we ask that you pray for us and this dream God's placed in our hearts. We believe God is going to do something but with this and we are so excited to see how He uses us for this!
Thank you and God bless!