A Colorado, USA Family Equine-Assisted Counseling Program for ages 6+ is in need of help to grow our second location! 

Our Ranch serves teens, littles, adults and families in Colorado offering family, couples individual therapy utilizing horses and their spirituality for experiential healing. However, our main location with two therapists has no therapy slots available and we now have land room to grow!

Our family has recently been blessed to aquired land with dreams to open up a second office location to serve our eastern communities and schools! Yay! However, the land isn't built up for horses and setting up an office with horses is over our budget at this time.  

At our main office, by August, every year,  we become jam packed with calls for services for suicidal teens and their families as school begins.  There are so few safe places that youth feel they can be authentic and truly share. In the presence of a horse, barriers are often dropped as the horse mirrors the 2-leggeds energy and emotions.  There's a spiritual element in the nature of the horse that as our co-therapists, they facilitate a unique level of healing through relationship and experiential moments. 

Thank you for your consideration in helping us help more 2-leggeds and 4 legged souls and build a new facility.