Help increase Bible reading around the world by helping us produce the new Bible reading resource: An Apple a Day from the Church Doctors.

The Apple Challenge is a unique approach to spiritual growth. There are many great Bible studies available. Most start with a verse from Scripture. Some add a practical application portion at the end by providing content or questions for thought or discussion. Apple a Day is organized opposite of that approach. It provides a daily reflection about the challenges of life. Like reverse engineering, this approach reverses Scripture application: (1) the challenge, (2) a “prescription” to learn God’s approach, and (3) support from Scripture.

The Apple a Day approach is a user-friendly daily dose of inductive Bible teaching applied to the challenges of life. Each day includes a prescription for spiritual living. It is a daily spiritual vitamin that promotes mission health while strengthening your spiritual immune system.

Many churches today are challenged to reach our increasingly secular society. Apple a Day leverages narrative and applicable Scripture to support action and mission approaches. It focuses on encouragement to reach out to those who are unchurched in our social networks. The emphasis is not simply academic. Jesus is real. Faith in Christ works for everyday life.

The Apple Challenge is to multiply impact—to be “fruitful and multiply.” It reflects that disciples of Jesus make disciples of Jesus. It is not a program, but a movement. This approach invites you to encourage everyone in your church, small group, and social network to take the Apple Challenge. It is also an ideal gift for friends, relatives, and those at work or school. It represents three to five minutes a day to focus on relevant issues, followed by an applicable Scripture. It is a small daily dose for everyday faith that takes three to five minutes to read. Never underestimate the power of God’s Word and the dynamic of multiplication. Five minutes a day for 365 days equals 1,825 minutes, which is a little longer than 30 hours.