We already do all the small things a citizen can do:  donate money, sign petitions, write and call our congress people and senators.  

But I gotta say… I am damn sick of this Putin b**tard.

My wife Olena and I recently returned from Ukraine where we dropped off much needed equipment/supplies for her son who is serving in Mykolaiv, currently under bombardment.

I know it was helpful, but we feel it wasn’t’ nearly enough, we want to do more.  We were told that the Ukrainian military’s biggest need is medical supplies, specifically combat medical kits. 

We’re trying to raise $8000 to purchase as many  IFAK  (Individual First Aid Kits ) as we can afford, and either ship to Ukraine or take over ourselves.

We are asking for any financial help you can afford.  My wife is from Ukraine and is deeply touched by the support the world has already provided.  Please help us again, with anything you can spare…..thank you.