I’m a full time, voluntary,  international emotional trauma specialist and disaster relief worker.  I deploy where and when needed, sometimes within just a few hours, both in the US and internationally, to  provide much needed emotional support and trauma care to those experiencing critical distress or psychological trauma following tragic events.  I also train teams for Disaster Relief, Critical Incident Stress Management,  and Psychological First Aid interventions, to help them stabilize those they care for, such as when they're helping refugees and survivors, as a result of war or serious disasters.  
During this particular crisis with the war between Russia and Ukraine, I’ve been asked to provide emotional trauma support to many volunteers in Europe who’ve been thrown, unexpectedly, into the jobs of caring for the refugees flooding out of both countries.   These workers aren’t usually prepared for, or trained to do such traumatic work, nor do they understand the impact such trauma has on them, so in a very short period of time, they’re struggling with the huge volume of people needing help and they don't understand how to manage their own emotional responses to the trauma they're seeing and experiencing, let alone know how to effectively support the refugees with their enormous ranges of trauma, shock, grief and terror as well.   Many are struggling with grief,  PTSD, and burnout.  

My goal is to emotionally, mentally and spiritually stabilize those in need of support, and to educate them so that they understand how their bodies, minds, emotions and spirits respond to trauma and acute distress, then I help them create a plan of action which empowers them to manage their own stress responses in a healthy way as they move forward toward healing. I  also teach them how to stabilize others in the same way,  and hopefully create a “pay it forward” momentum that can spread far and wide.  

Due to the fact that all of my work is voluntary, I have to do my own fund raising for all costs, including food,  travel and accommodation. So,  in order for me to be able to deploy, I rely on the kind generosity of people like you to help cover my costs.  I aim to help as many as possible, and to teach others to do what I do,  but each time I travel the costs for transport, hotels, food and other daily expenses are high, especially when I often have to book things at the last minute. Your kind monthly donations will allow me to travel internationally or nationally at a moment's notice, to provide crucial emotional trauma care and support to those in the most tragic circumstances , to bring hope, empowerment and healing comfort in their time of need.  For those of you unable to deploy I can go where you can't. I can be your hands and feet to give that lost child the hug that you can't give them, or to wipe a family's tears following the loss of their homes and livelihoods.  

Ultimately, my goal is to also train others to do what I do so that we can reach more people more effectively by deploying teams to minister to those in the most need as quickly as possible.  Please consider partnering with me by making monthly donation to me, so that together, you and I can touch the lives of thousands.  I have several trips coming up over the next year so every penny helps.

Thank you and God Bless your generosity.   
Fran Graham