A home for Mari and her family has been a concern that is very much alive in our hearts.

Mari is a sweet, vicarious four-year-old girl (born September 24th, 2017) that has been diagnosed with Congenital Ichthyosis - a severe skin disease.  After birth, she was in the Intensive Care Unit in the hospital in Yerevan, Armenia for four months due to her life-threatening condition.  Once released from the hospital, she went to the home of the Missionaries of Charity (known as Sisters of Mother Teresa) in Yerevan, called "Bethlehem House" on January 26th, 2018.  The Sisters were happy to take care of her and to be of support to her family.

After much prayer and discernment, her parents Edmond and Manya decided to take Mari home on May 22nd, 2019.  Meanwhile, Manya had given birth to their second child, Marianna, who passed away a few days after birth with the same disease and additional complications.

The small family currently finds themselves in a very insecure situation - Edmond's job is unstable, Manya is pregnant, and Mari's delicate condition requires much care and treatment.  They are very grateful to their dear friends who support them with their rent of their small apartment and provisions for daily life - providing a home for Mari.  However, with the present, immense influx of Russians in Yerevan due to the current conflict in Ukraine, home and apartment owners have raised rental prices so high that local Armenians are unable to pay.

Edmond, Manya, and Mari will be asked to leave their apartment by June so that the owners can rent it at a much higher price.  They find themselves in a very anxious situation, especially as they are expecting their new baby in July.

We are creating the project "A Home for Mari and Her Family" as we have discovered that buying a small apartment would bring great security for their future.  The money raised would be invested in their future rather than "wasted" on rent.  Mari and her family need a home - it's pressing!  A 38 square meter/409 square foot apartment has been located that costs $24,000.  To not lose this apartment, money for a deposit has to be raised within a month.

May your generous hearts be touched by this family's story.  Please be sure of the sincerity of this project which is so dear to our hearts that is fully approved of by the Sisters of "Bethlehem House."  Thank you for your concern and may your lives be blessed!


Keith and Sarah Begbie, Volunteers at Bethlehem House