As some of you may know, the amazing and talented Adam Cagnina has filled the role of Worship Leader for us at Living Rock Church since October 3, 2021, and we are INCREDIBLY thankful for him and the musical gifts he shares with us, and other local churches. We also have been SO blessed to get to know Adam and to call him our friend.

We at Living Rock Church see an opportunity to serve Adam in the midst of a difficult situation that has arisen with the vehicle he recently purchased. Unfortunately, the dealer Adam purchased the car from was not honest about it's condition and the newly installed engine completely failed a few weeks after he bought it. After taking it to a mechanic, Adam was informed that the engine needed to be replaced again but so much of the car's wiring and components had been damaged during the first engine replacement it would not be worth replacing again, even if it was feasible for Adam to do so. Our desire is to come alongside Adam and give him the financial assistance necessary to pay off the loan he has on this vehicle so that he has the freedom to purchase something else and start fresh.

As his brothers and sisters in Christ, we invite you to join with us in sharing what we have to assist Adam, as the Church– the body of Christ– with no strings attached! Thank you for prayerfully considering how you can help!