I had to have shoulder surgery and will be out of work for around 6 months. I do have insurance and will be getting a small disability benefit from work, but the amount is not enough to cover the monthly bills, let alone the unexpected doctor bills. It's been about 3 months since the surgery and now the second notice doctor bills are starting to roll in. I did have a small savings, but it has been used up as supplemental to the disability benefits. 

I had to have the surgery because I fell down the stairs and tore 2 rotator cuff muscles in my shoulder. I live alone and do not have family that can help out; I am in physical therapy and go 3 times per week. The doctor said I will be out at least 3 more months as my employer said I cannot come back on restriction and have to be able to do my job at 100%.

I can provide pictures of the bills.

Surgical bill: $2665

Anesthesiologist bill: $222

Doctor's office:  $111

Any help is greatly appreciated.