Campaign Created by: Family & Friends of Kent McGowen

The funds from this campaign will be received by Kent McGowen.

Goal: USD $50,000

I am an Honorably Discharged United States Air Force Veteran and the former Houston Police Officer and Harris County Deputy Sheriff who was unlawfully/illegally/unjustly sentenced to 20yrs of horrors in the notorious Texas Department of Criminal Justice for lawfully/legally/justifiably/necessarily shooting and killing a psychotic, drugged-up, homicidal/suicidal, armed felony suspect while serving a valid felony warrant on said murderous suspect. I reacted as I was trained to do. I did as I was ordered to do. I responded as I was forced to do -- by the pistol-aiming suspect. I did what I had to do in order to protect the lives of my Brother Officers and myself from the homicidal attack by said armed suspect.

I was set up by a vindictive, psychopathic, power-hungry, megalomaniacal, bully Homicide Lieutenant within my own ranks and his two corrupt coconspirators/pals at the Harris County District Attorney's Office and their cohorts. The Texas Rangers, Houston Police Officers, politicians, and other good guys helped to free me on 071421, after my suffering/enduring 19yrs, 4mos, 4dys in the Police-hating nightmare of TDCJ. I was the first LEO to be sent to prison for a line-of-duty shooting, and I AM UNEQUIVOCALLY, IRREFUTABLY, PROVABLY INNOCENT!!

My maliciously and thoroughly destroyed, innocent and suffering family and I have struggled terribly since my release. Owing to the lying/slanderous/defamatory/libelous/ sensationalistic/Police-hating/tabloid-trash media and the corrupt criminous bad guys who set me up, I have found it utterly impossible to secure a job or housing. I am destitute, have no vehicle, and I am about to be homeless.

I have an attorney and his PI working pro bono (at this time, until I can pay them) to secure my exoneration and expose the truth and the actual bad guys who are civilly liable and criminally culpable for this horrendous injustice. I am in dire need of funds to help my annihilated family and me survive until I am exonerated, as well as to pay my attorney's and his PI's fees for helping us.

We are most grateful for any help and support you choose to provide. PLEASE FORWARD THIS CAMPAIGN TO YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY, AND ASSOCIATES.



Update #1
May 4, 2023
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My pro bono attorney was disbarred on December 29, 2022. My family and I desperately need immediate funds to retain a competent, trustworthy attorney who has the courage to stand up to and fight the bad guys who are fully responsible for destroying my innocent family and sending me to prison for 20 years for something EVERYONE knows I did NOT do! 


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