Help bring my daughter home

Campaign Created by: Rikke' Raymond

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Goal: USD $50,000

I am raising money to pay for the attorney fees. To help reverse the adoption of my 5year old daughter. I chose to give birth to a beautiful baby girl on March 16th 2017. In 2018, I was in a really difficult place in life. I had a family member tell me they had a close friend ask, if I was willing to do a open adoption? They had been trying to conceive for almost 17 years! In June 2021 I finally seen a judge for the first time for this process. That one day has now fully changed everything for my ability to step in and get my daughter back now after the horrific evidence found against the adoption parents. I signed a termination paper to complete the adoption process. Not knowing all details that have arouse now.  Since that day in June my visits with her became little to none.  I found out march 17th 2022 when they aloud me to pick her up for my weekend visit that, the adoption parents have sexually assaulted my daughter multiple times over these couple years. As well as had her living in complete filth conditions at a different dwelling than listed Pryor to adoption.  Because I have no legal rights since June. I have to now hire an attorney to reverse my adoption and bring my baby girl home. If I don't she will become a child in the foster care system. I thought I was doing a godly act of helping a couple who couldn't conceive there own child. I  had given the gift of life. This whole thing was supposed to be a beautiful act of kindness, but in the very least to say now, this has turned into a complete nightmare! I just want my little girl home with me. So I know she is safe! Any help is very much appreciated. I am a single mother of 2 other children working as a full time manager. I just need help financially to fight for what's right and bring my god given child home to us where she is loved and she rightfully belongs.  Thank you and God Bless. 


Update #6
November 12, 2022
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Update it's been a long few months, with many more court dates. I apologize for the delayed updates. This has been a very difficult process not only mentally, physically financially exhausted currently. I have another date set for December hopefully this is the last one. Prayers are helpful. God is working threw us to power our strength is my only answer to how we are making it. 

Update #5
July 14, 2022
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We are going into the 4th court appearance soon. The trial date is set in stone this time I pray! This has been pulled along long enough!! The court/attorney's fees are getting ridiculous. I might not understand why it's been four months and my baby girl still isn't home but all I can do is keep my faith, I believe God only gives us we can accomplish, even if it's tough. He himself had the faith in me to overcome it! All prayers are appreciated during these tough times. Violet and My other two babies and myself are forever grateful for the help paying for the "systems fees" 

Update #4
May 18, 2022
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Update #3
April 23, 2022
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First court date, did not go as far as I had hoped. This WILL be a process. I have to keep my faith in knowing my family will get through this! I have paid $1500 for a home study to be completed. There is some steps I will have to complete. I am working daily to insure every step on my side is complete come next court date. I have found my church home for myself and two children at home with me. I feel the strength God is giving us during these times. I pray for the best outcome everyday. Sorry I didn't update right after court Monday. It was a lot to bare seeing those monsters face to face in a room. I just have to keep my head focused and turn my faith over to God. Thank you to everyone for praying for my family. We appreciate you more than we can express. 

Update #1 & #2
April 5, 2022
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I want to start my update with Thank You!! Too everyone who has been generous to my family during all if this. Behind any great motion is God and his people. I prayed harder than I ever had Tuesday night (29th) after draining every cent I had. I literally cashed in my coin jug. I took a bet on all my chips because the prize is worth it all. I prayed for her quick/safe return to us and helpful healing during and after. It all started Wednesday morning#1 On Wednesday the 30th I woke up to a email with my motion to entry of appearance, revocation of consent to adoption and motion for placement and custody. I clocked into work 8:13a.m. by 11:30 my phone was going crazy with beeps. I checked to see my campaign had risen from $0 to $13,000. I started instantly crying, thanking The Lord for turning this to what seems a better run. A Big portion belongs to my dear friend Jarrin Jackson for bringing awareness/light during my difficult/costly process ahead. 

#2 Monday April 4th I received notice a court date to go before his honor has been SET! We are in motion. Again thank you to everyone who has donated or even sent kind words. I read all comments and messages. I couldn't do this without you all. My family is forever grateful. 


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