Do you believe prayer can move mountains? If you do. Today more than ever before in the history of humanity our poor world needs the power of prayer.

Please help a poor sinner to clear debt so that I may enter the church and live a life of prayer for the church and the world. A life of penance and reparation for my sin, and the sins of the world as a Monk Adorer of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, the new male branch of the Adorers of the Sacred Heart of Jesus of Montmatre, the Benedictine Congregation, commonly known as the Tyburn Nuns, founded by Servant of God Mother Adele Garnier.

The blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all my brothers and sisters.

My name is Rob Morgan. I'm a 54 year old New Zealander. Around 21 months ago, or so, I had a radical re-conversion experience to the faith of my childhood where I understood in an instant that God, his saints, angels, apostles and prophets were indeed real. That the Bible was the inspired word of god, that my childhood catholic faith was indeed the church that our lord established, and that the Blessed Eucharist is the real presence of Our Lord in body and blood.

In that moment I knew that after decades of leading a terribly sinful hedonistic lifestyle, that I had to make radical changes to my life and lead a life of prayer and penance.

Over the course of some weeks I began to dismantle my life as I knew it and began a new life. One renewed in our Lord Jesus Christ. I quit my job as a sales consultant and with what little money I had threw myself on Gods providence finding a little part time work here and there, so that I could devote as much time to prayer as possible, but still living largely in and of the world.

Since that time our lord has filled my life with many graces and small miracles that have enriched my life spiritually, and deepened my faith, and it became clear to me that Our Lord was calling me to a life of even deeper union with him, but how and what should that look like?

So began a period of discernment. I'd always felt the lord calling me as a child to the priesthood. A call that I chose to ignore in favor of the pleasures of the world. It came as a surprise to me then that he was still knocking on my door. But this time with a different invitation because I knew it wasn't to the priesthood at least not now, or yet.

It is rather a call towards that most intimate Sanctuary of the Most Sacred heart, towards the adorable wound made by the lance, the veritable door of salvation for souls and for nations. It involves accepting the poverty of one's own heart, allowing oneself to be led by Jesus through His Word and the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit. It is a call to continuing conversion, a way of discovering the forgiving and healing love of the Father, and of entering more deeply into union with Him by;

- a life devoted to the praise of God and the salvation of the world

- a life dedicated through public profession of the evangelical counsels (Poverty, Chastity & Obedience)

- a life of assiduous prayer

- a life of penance

- a life lived largely in the silence of solitude, whilst in community with my brothers, more strictly withdrawn from the world. But also a time to preach the gospel, Our lords unfathomable mercy, his divine will, and through adoration, a Eucharistic evangelization.

It was then that I discovered an article on the recently formed Monk Adorers of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus whom Mother Adele desired to compliment the work of the Tyburn Nuns and what she wrote in 1903 concerning the foundation of the monks in her writing titled the Monk of the Sacred Heart.

She writes "  The monks, she declares, have been awaited by the Church for generations. They will be the “apostles of the end times”, like “arrows soaked with love”, and they will lead a “renewal of the flame of faith and the revival of an ebbing love”.

They will, she says, present the Church with a “remedy for the last times”, preaching the Gospel with a “new eloquence” and “through them the Divine Heart will make the coldest of hearts melt in His love.
“The time has arrived: faith and love is everywhere ebbing away,” she wrote. “Christians are succumbing to heresy, many people are detaching themselves from truth and there are so many who have not yet seen the light. The hour has come to preach the Sacred Heart and the love which so inflames Him. The Divine is calling.”

As I read this my reaction was intense, and my heart leapt and I realized that I had found my calling within this order. I have no doubt, that we have indeed entered the end times. Not the end of the world, but the beginning of a new era. The era of peace where Our Lords Prayer will be answered and his kingdom will reign on earth as it does in heaven. However as we enter this new era there will be painful birth pains to endure. Pains that become clearer every day as our Church enters it's passion and as Mother Adele writes "Christians are succumbing to heresy, many people are detaching themselves from truth" It is my belief that while that was true too, in her time, she was in fact writing this for our time.

And so my dear brothers and sisters I ask for your financial help to clear my debts so that I may enter formation as a postulant within the order.

I ask too for your prayers that men will join me in this vocation in New Zealand and throughout the world and that the first monastery may be established here in New Zealand and many others elsewhere.

As I embark on this vocation let me, and others who may join me, be reminded of the words of Mother Adele at the birth of the Congregation.

“We say, then, ‘O my God, here we are, we are Thine, to do Thy Will. Deign to make us love it and fulfil it always in everything. In these dispositions we can, and ought, to expect trouble, difficulties, cares and trials of every kind, poverty, humiliation, perhaps even persecution. We must be prepared for sacrifice, always, always! For this, indeed, we must not only be prepared, but even eager, in obedience and with a deep humility and consciousness that we are nothing. We must realise that all that we may do and suffer and desire is absolutely nothing in itself, but, united to the merits of Our Lord, becomes of immense value in His eyes.” (14 March 1897)

My dear brothers and sisters let me leave you with a blessing which Mother Adele gave.

“May Our Lady of the Apostles protect you, may the Holy Angels watch over you, and may Our Lord pour out upon you ever His most precious blessings.” Amen.

Yours in the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

Rob Morgan.